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Q: Your biography mentions Henry Cho Show, which aired in the fall on the cable network Great American Country. Has there been any word on whether it will be picked it up as a series?

A: Love that bit! That one is requested a lot. Stewart is also up there. to Korea (is too).

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A: We try to run a normal household. My wife (Amy) is from Arab, nuff said. Kidding, she's a stay at home mom but did return to law school back in August. I'm a pretty typical dad with a different job, so I can go on field trips and do car line. I'm normally the only dad. I coach my kids' sports teams when my schedule allows. Right now, my younger son, Nike Blazer Advanced Dark Obsidian

A: The first and easiest answer is I'm a Christian. I'm not a comedian, but a comedian who's a Christian. The big difference is I work mainstream (venues), headline Vegas two times a year and do the same clean show. My comedy is for adults, but you can have your kids listen to it. They won't get all the jokes . because hopefully I'm more cerebral than a 10 year old . but if you ask my wife, I'm not!

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Q; Do you have any philanthropic work you would like to share? Favorite causes/charities?

Q; You act, direct, write and produce. Will you be singing next? with the Stars? Running for office? What are your plans?

Q: One of the things you are known for is clean, not using profanity or vulgarity in your shows. That's obvious in the name of the tour. Why is that important to you?

Q; You've been interviewed countless times. If you were making up the questions, what would you ask?

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Grant, 9, is wrapping up basketball. Jackson, 12, isn't going to do a team sport this spring, so we can play more golf! Tate, 6, my daughter, is going to do gymnastics, so I'm out as coach there! Typical day is the same as the rest, except I do about six to eight shows a month, so I'm home a lot. It took a while for the kids to understand that most of their friends' dads have jobs and get up and go to work and such. We downplay the showbiz part in our family as much as possible. We are very involved in our church. My wife teaches class, as do I. I'm actually a deacon over men and women's ministry.

A: I'm a big fan of Young Life. We are on the board of KORE and support Neverthirstwater (based in Birmingham) and MMDR. My pal goes to Haiti every month and also Africa. (See accompanying story for details on these organizations.)

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A: I think we'll do some more, but maybe not as a full series. The cool thing is I have Brad Paisley and the Rascal Flatts guys lined up to do the next ones. It's a sketch comedy show, a la Burnett. I'm doing it for GAC since they're based in Nashville and they have family friendly programming.

the biz. My in laws are from Arab, so I know the area. I have a tour (my Henry Cho But Clean Comedy Tour that weekend, and it fit the schedule.

(Note: For the uninitiated, Stewart explains, among other things, why friends now call Stewart to Korea is a bit about Foamposite Blue his first trip to Korea with his father.)

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Q: One of my all time favorite bits is Way Women Talk from That Clickin' Noise? I laugh when I think of the date/money money lines. I'm sure you get requests to do Nike Air Mag Replica V3

Q; I know family is important to you. Do you mind telling readers about your wife and children? What's life like during a typical day in Chez Cho?

A: I've been asked how it (my career) all got started. My normal response is I thought I could do stand up. My pals told me I'm not funny. I said I know, but I think I can do it. I went up in a comedy competition in Knoxville on a Monday night, won, got hired and started working that Wednesday. Dropped out of college on Friday. about 60 years ago. He didn't speak English, nor did my mom. They had to record their college lectures and listen to them eight or nine times to get one lecture. One generation later, I'm cutting class! My folks only spoke English in the house, so I didn't learn Korean, but they became fluent in English, which they took as their duty in their new country. Not so much nowadays.

´╗┐But Clean Comedy Tour' comes to Gadsden

A: A guy at the Ritz Theatre (Mark du Pont) knew my work and began searching for me through other folks in Foamposite Thermal Map

material people are familiar with. What's the most requested?

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A: Ha! I like to be in control so I can have a say in the content of any show. I had opportunities to be on different sitcoms but really was disappointed in the content and subject matter, so I passed. My take is, I'd rather not be on TV than be on a show that I couldn't be proud of, no matter how successful it was. I won't be singing I can only imitate Elvis and no dancing. I have two boys. They don't need to see me in those costumes. Political office . maybe one day . just to get some integrity back into the system.

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