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senior to a long term care facility should be the last resort, not the first resort because we haven't got the supports in the community."

funding home care has not been a priority. Traditional funding models have focused on hospitals and long term care homes.

What's clear to health experts dealing with today's seniors is the need for change in order to prepare for the boomers.

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"What the public are saying, expecting and demanding is that they want to be at home as long as possible," she said. "Nobody says, 'I can't wait to go to long term care. I can't wait to show up in hospital and not get out of there'."

Their isolation and circumstance vary greatly, but they share common problems elderly, little family or community support, dementia or other mental Foamposite Asteroids

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"If you have a problem, you're probably going to the hospital," Holloway said. "Sending a Foamposite Walking On Water

The cost to keep a person in a hospital for one day is $1,400, in a nursing home $175 and in supportive housing $75. Home care costs $45.

They show up at hospital Foamposite Eggplant emergency rooms, they take up beds in hospitals and long term care facilities because there's no other place to put them.

Time is creeping up on boomers and on our health care system.

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Nadine Henningsen, executive director of the Canadian Home Care Association, said demand for home care services has increased across the country by 55% over the past five years. Seniors represent 70% of that demand.

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As Canada's baby boom ages, and our population of elderly citizens doubles over the next two decades, it's likely there will be an alarming increase in the number of these "shut in" seniors.

That will have to change because boomers will demand it, Holloway said.

frailties, depression, health problems and for some, poverty.

´╗┐Care for aged must change

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It boils down to simple math.

"We habitually punt people to the most expensive part of the system first," said Lori Holloway, national director of health programs for the Canadian Red Cross.

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