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Though there are plenty of details to be worked out in the new model, McGlade is adamant that the basic structure of Division I remain intact. Extra scholarships or more games by the most well heeled programs and conferences would fundamentally change the college model.

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"I think there's much greater willingness to sit down and talk through some of the challenges that everybody has had," Yeager said. "There's recognition Nike Dunk Ultra On Feet

Conference realignment affected not only the Big Five leagues, but had a trickle down effect on the next tier of Division I.

"It's really premature at this point to say what the impact of some of these issues will be until we know more details," Driscoll said. "After that, we have to decide what we can do to take advantage of a situation or how we're able to react."

The anxiety over who's in the room was replaced by a different concern, about how college athletics will govern itself in the coming years. Who will make decisions and how will they be made? How will schools and athletic departments adapt?

Schools such as William and Mary, Hampton, Richmond, VCU and even Old Dominion despite its membership in an FBS conference are more reactive than proactive. The five power conferences will drive the discussion.

VCU and its upwardly mobile basketball program jumped from the CAA to the A 10. CAA charter member George Mason followed suit a year later, Nike Blazer Black Mid

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that those five conferences have unique pressures, characteristics, whatever. I think everybody would like to live in the big tent, as they say, and keep everything going.

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Yeager and Driscoll said that one coach at the league meetings expressed relief that for the first time in a couple of years everybody in the room wanted to be there. No one was a lame duck or angling to leave. Nobody's commitment was questioned.

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The landscape has changed just within the past couple of years. Conference realignment prompted new TV contracts, and leagues started their own networks, providing more money and more challenges. Athletes in the revenue producing sports of football and men's basketball see the money being made and increasingly demand a cut. Power conference schools want to use some of that money to provide extra benefits.

CAA added College of Charleston and welcomes Elon next year as full members. The conference bolstered football with the additions of Stony Brook and Albany. That in turn helped stem a possible northern exodus, and Rhode Island football did an about face and decided to remain in the CAA.

The A 10 lost flagship programs Temple and Xavier. Butler left for the reconstituted Big East following a one year stopover. UNC Charlotte departed for Conference USA and a home for its fledgling football program.

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Though what McGlade referred to as the "five equity conferences" are the prime movers in restructuring, she said that the A 10 membership fully supports giving schools the option to provide greater assistance to student athletes. For example, the A 10 supported the "cost of attendance" measure when it was introduced in 2011, and will do so again.

´╗┐CAA must wait and see results of NCAA governance proposals

"The approach from the beginning was, if this doesn't happen, we're leaving," Yeager said, referring to the Big Five conferences. "But there's been some pushback, because I think there are a lot of people in the (membership) that are willing to give them the latitude to solve those things."

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and Davidson moves from the Southern Conference to the A 10 this coming school year, after rejecting overtures from the CAA. ODU and Georgia State Foamposite Pro Dr Doom bolted the CAA in search of FBS homes for their football programs.

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McGlade favors a more permissive model that gives schools the option to provide extra benefits. She recognizes that all athletic departments can't afford cost of attendance stipends or charter flights for their teams, but she believes it's best to give schools the option to do so.

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NCAA governance issues will have trickle down effect on smaller Division I conferences, schoolsMcGlade believes that the A 10 and other non FBS football Division I leagues should and will be adequately represented. The NCAA basketball tournament remains a signature and lucrative event, and it embodies the inclusive ethos that the governing body wants to convey. The A 10, the restructured Big East and the American Athletic Conference each had multiple teams in the NCAA tournament.

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