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The council said it would work with the National Trust and English Heritage to set up the new management body.

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Mr Moors said: "I am absolutely delighted that the council is looking to set up a single management body that is cross sector. Elvaston Castle CIC is certainly interested in being part of it."

Its aim is to work with the National Trust and English Heritage to set up a "single management body" a collection of partners from the public, voluntary, private and social enterprise sectors.

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"The message from the management body would be 'if you're going to come and play in our back yard, you have to play by our rules' and the social value businesses would be happy Nike Dunk Jedi

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We have complained that the state of inertia surrounding Elvaston has gone on for too long. Well, things already seem to be changing.

He said: "I have always felt a garden centre would do well at the walled garden."

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The estate has a number of buildings that could be used to house small businesses, he added.

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To this end, Mr Moors has set up a new trading company called Elvaston Castle CIC an arm of Social Enterprise East Midlands that would seek to be part of the proposed management set up at Elvaston. The new company was made up of seven directors, including Friends of Elvaston Castle chairman Graham Mansey.

Mr Moors said the idea fitted in with the 10 year vision and plan for Elvaston unveiled by owner Derbyshire County Council on Tuesday.

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But, for years now, the building and its grounds have proved a headache for its owner, Derbyshire County Council.

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Moors, chief executive of Social Enterprise East Midlands, suggests the estate could benefit from socially responsible businesses trading there, the revenue used to run the rest of the country park.

He said: "I wouldn't call them social enterprises. I Foamposite Sharpie would call them social value businesses. These are businesses that would need to make a profit but would sign up to some sort of ethical approach. For example, a proportion of their profit would be reinvested into education at Elvaston.

with that."

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The council had considered selling the Elvaston estate because it costs a year to run and needs million worth of repairs.

All decisions taken by the management body would be aimed at championing the vision, which has "conservation, heritage and public access" as its key objectives.

Mr Moors said it would be possible for businesses to comply with those principles.

But Tuesday's launch of a 10 year plan which we have already given cautious welcome to in this column already seems to be bearing fruit.

Roger Moors, chief executive of Social Enterprise East Midlands, which offers guidance to "socially minded" firms, said the estate could benefit from having businesses trading there. Parts could be leased to firms and the revenue used to run the rest of the country park.

Moors said a number of business ventures could enhance the visitor experience at Elvaston.

'Businesses could help Derbyshire's Elvaston Castle estate survive'

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