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"People just aren maybe going to volunteer the fact that I was texting when I ran into that wall," Hall said.

"I don think it the safest thing to do. Just sometimes it like, Foamposite New Release

"Your brain flips back and forth and while you texting you may run into the wall, or another person," Hall said.

Bell was checking his messages while walking down Minnesota Avenue.

Foamposite University Red

Walking and talking come naturally to us. But place an electronic device between our eyes and our feet and suddenly, we easily misled.

Foamposite University Red

"Walk when you walking, talk when you talking and divide the two activities," Halls said.

Foamposite University Red

Carlisle was able to dodge disaster during one of his close calls.

"You be surprised at how much damage you can do from a ground level fall, from just broken bones to broken heads," Carlisle said.

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Foamposite University Red

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Foamposite University Red

Carlisle says banning texting and walking isn the answer. Instead, according to the experts, applying common Nike Foamposite Timberland

SIOUX FALLS, SD Sioux Falls has clamped down on distracted driving by banning texting while behind the wheel. But some states have proposed outlawing another dangerous distraction. Pedestrian accidents are up nationwide, in part, because of people paying more attention to their Foamposite University Red cell phones than where they walking.

if anybody there. Instead of stopping, it just like trying to always move and do stuff like that," Bell said.

"And so ask yourself before you start texting or talking on the phone while you moving in any way, whether it really, really all that important and in almost every case, it not," Carlisle said.

"I grew up in a beach community, and everything just a little more loose there," Steven Bell of Laguna Beach, California said.

"There have been a couple of times when I been walking and texting and missed a step. I haven hit the ground yet, but I should know better," Carlisle said.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1,100 people went to the emergency room last year for suffering injuries while walking and using an electronic device.

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"So if you connected to the telephone conversation, you may be looking, but you not seeing," Diane Hall of the South Dakota Safety Council said.

Internet videos of stumbles and tumbles are viral reminders of the dangers pedestrians pose to themselves and to others when they too preoccupied with their cell phones.

sense is the best way to make greater strides in safety.

Foamposite University Red

But it hard to pinpoint how many injuries are the result of distracted walking since we often too embarrassed to admit to it.

"And I almost ran into an elderly lady. Boy, if I had knocked her down, I be sufficiently embarrassed to where I might change my habits," Carlisle said.

We wanted to see for ourselves just who walking distracted and why. Within five minutes, we spotted a Mormon missionary from California on his cell phone.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a pedestrian is injured every eight minutes in a crash.

Foamposite University Red

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