Foamposites 2017

Foamposites 2017

almost like it the largest construction site in the whole United States. You really got to come here to see it, Paul Hegg said.

Foamposites 2017

Oil Companies are investing billions into this land. That brings workers, eventually permanent homes, families, and most importantly for any businessman, money.

Foamposites 2017

Foamposites 2017

´╗┐Business Opportunities In North Dakota Oil Fields

Foamposites 2017

Foamposites 2017

creating some synergies or alliance between those folks, Hegg said.

Foamposites 2017

Foamposites 2017

cash and a way to build it, the people just might come.

Foamposites 2017

Joel Lundeen likes good investments. It why he came to Williston, North Dakota from South Carolina last year. And why he stayed.

WILLISTON, ND Nike Foamposite Black

likelihood of being successful is higher in a boom, but it doesn mean you be successful, Lundeen said.

a lot of opportunity here, more than any place else, Lundeen said.

And Lundeen should know. This is one of the two businesses his family runs in town. He has doubled down and a future in a place where explosive growth changes the landscape every single day. And people with a plan are the ones who benefit.

Hegg thinks there is opportunity, once you get over the overwhelming construction work going on.

Foamposites 2017

who have come here looking to make deals and is a representative of the few who made something happen. He says if you have a solid plan, enough Nike Foamposite Pro Dr Doom

amount of money and infrastructure they committing to the area speaks for itself. They not thinking this things going to go away and dry up tomorrow and they going to pull up the stakes and leave, Hegg said.

went outside and called my kids and said, how do you feel about moving to Williston, North Dakota. And they went, do you want us to be there, Lundeen said.

He wants others in the South Dakota business community to see it for themselves. But because not everyone can come, Hegg is bringing North Dakota south.

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Foamposites 2017

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