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"We have been studying the natural enemies of ladybirds that occur in the UK to see if they have potential to naturally control the harlequin ladybird.

ladybirds are having on the ecosystem.

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She said: "Unfortunately, after an invasive alien insect arrives and establishes in a new region it is often extremely difficult to control. This is the case with the harlequin ladybird.

One of the original sightings of the insect was recorded in Derby in 2004.

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species we assessed showed significant declines in distribution in Nike Air Mag 2017 Amazon response to the arrival of the harlequin ladybird."

He offered some expert advice for those interested in using their garden as a sanctuary for them to thrive in.

Dr Roy added that this type of situation is often very difficult to contain once a significant population has been allowed to develop.

"Leaving the weeds and letting your grass grow provides more habitat for them to live in," he added.

He said: "Wherever you are you can find a whole range of insects."

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He said: "They have been very successful in colonising the UK."

The Royal Entomological Society's director of outreach, Luke Tilley, agreed that the increase in numbers of the harlequin could have a big impact on those of other insects.

"However, it is highly resilient to natural enemies."

"Nectar rich plants and wild flowers such as viper's bugloss and lavender can attract bees and other bugs for those who wish to maintain an attractive outside space."

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Numbers of popular species such as bumble bees, butterflies and dragonflies in particular are falling.

And this week promotes awareness and appreciation of all bugs, with general populations in decline.

Dr Helen Roy, of the Centre for Ecology Hydrology, leads the UK Ladybird Survey and is concerned about the impacts the alien Nike Blazer Red

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She said: "We recently published research highlighting the threat posed by the harlequin ladybird to other species.

Mr Tilley said the garden is the perfect place to see a variety of species.


He said: "It is a bigger animal than the seven spot ladybird and it seems to be able to survive in our climate and therefore is quite capable of decimating other species.

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´╗┐Cannibal ladybirds could decimate native UK species

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