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The damage can spiral far beyond the patients themselves.

Because it's spread through direct contact with the bodily fluids of sick patients, Ebola takes an especially harsh toll on doctors and nurses, already in short supply in areas of Africa hit by the disease.

It's a cruel end that comes within days. Patients Nike Foamposite Olympic

Lack of experience with the disease there has contributed to its spread. So has a shortage of medical personnel and supplies, widespread poverty, and political instability.

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´╗┐but most shouldn't be afraid

Outbreaks spark fear and panic.

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Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, boasts great oil wealth but most of its people are poor. The government is battling Islamic militants in the north who have killed thousands of people and kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls in April.

Sierra Leone still is recovering from a decade of civil war in which children were forced into fighting. Liberia, originally founded by freed American slaves, also endured civil war in the 1990s. Guinea is trying to establish a young and fragile democracy.

Ebola emerged in 1976. It has been confirmed in 10 Nike Shoes Basketball High Cut

More than half of people infected in this outbreak have died. Death rates in some past outbreaks reached 90 percent.

In the United States, where heart attacks and cancer are the biggest killers, the Nike Air Mag Black Elite risk of contracting the Ebola virus is close to zero.

To put the Ebola threat in perspective, here are some reasons to be concerned about the outbreak, and reasons not to fear it:WHY IT'S SCARY

grow feverish and weak, suffering through body aches, vomiting, diarrhea and internal bleeding, sometimes bleeding from the nose and ears.

goes as well as can be hoped.

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African nations, but never before in the region of West Africa.

Americans fretting about their own health would be better off focusing on getting a flu shot this fall. deaths per year.

Global health officials say it will take months to fully contain the outbreak, even if all Nike Basketball Shoes Old School

Lung infections such as pneumonia are close behind as the No. 2 killer. Malaria and diarrhea claim hundreds of thousands of African children each year.

Health workers and clinics have come under attack from residents, who sometimes blame foreign doctors for the deaths. People with from Ebola or other illnesses may fear going to a hospital, or may be shunned by friends and neighbors.

Two of the worst hit countries Liberia and Sierra Leone sent troops to quarantine areas with Ebola cases. A traveler recently carried it farther, to Nigeria, leading to a few cases in the giant city of Lagos.

This outbreak has proved more difficult to control than previous ones because the disease is crossing national borders, and is spreading in more urban areas.

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Nike Air Mag Black Elite

There is no cure for Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

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