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seeing it with we saw it with Road, we saw it with Memory Keeper Daughter, we definitely saw it with Help, and so on. recent movie tie in for Martel of Pi, depicting star Suraj Sharma and a tiger drifting on a boat at sunset, was also popular, said Olfati.

customers said, my God, can you get me a Atlas that doesn have the movie on it? There was a real fury, said McNally.

´╗┐can influence sales but also imagination

I see a book sitting there and it got an actor I recognize, I will most likely pick it up to see what it about, said Korinetz, who self published three fantasy books.

the Hollywood machine.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

Still, he said he not bothered by movie tie ins, noting they do what a cover is supposed to do attract the eye.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

think retailers love the idea of having piles of movie tie ins with big stars on them, so we like the idea of that too, of having piles of our books in the front of stores, she said. such a gift when it happens that a book that 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 years old that you had nestled in your backlist for years is suddenly brand new. said Vintage Canada likes to get movie tie ins in stores at least a Womens Navy Blue Nike Basketball Shoes

would make no difference to me, one way or the other, whether I going to enjoy the book or whether I would buy it. I think it effective and I don think there any stigma. Alison Wearing, who recently published the memoir of a Fairy Daughter, feels differently.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

TORONTO Book lovers who haven yet read Great Gatsby but hope to do so before seeing the new Baz Luhrmann film adaptation may still find themselves being influenced by Nike Blazer Supreme Brown

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

the cover has some sort of movie reference, even though I would have very happily picked up that novel.

month before the film wide release, usually when the trailers emerge. The publisher signs a licence to use the art, which can range from a year to two years on average.

While movie tie in books can drive sales of novels, they can also irk some readers who find their imaginations tainted by the cinematic interpretations depicted on the cover.

said one going to be able to read my novel now without thinking of Judi Dench, which is not who she had in mind when she was writing the book, said Wachtel, who also hosts TIFF Bell Lightbox on Film subscription series.

And at Ben McNally Books in Toronto, it seems most readers don want the movie tie in.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

Movie tie ins also give publishers a better space in stores.

Vintage Canada publisher Marion Garner says the paperback imprint, which handled the recent movie tie in for Yann Martel of Pi, wrestles with such issues when designing covers.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

Like many novels that are adapted for the big screen, the 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald literary classic has been reprinted with a movie tie in cover featuring the stars in this case, a tuxedo clad Leonardo DiCaprio looming over his castmates in all their Roaring Twenties glamour.

on the size of the release and star power and marketing power and everything else, it would often, I sure, be a silly decision not to use the movie tie in art because of the play it was going to get in advertising and trailers and movie theatres everywhere. Olfati, vice president of procurement for books at Indigo Books Music Inc., says every time there a movie tie in for a book, go through the roof, regardless of the cover, especially if the movie is a blockbuster. we actually noticed the spike (late) last year when the original trailer came out and it just been increasing week over week. So with movie tie ins there is always a tremendous interest, he said.

are concerned about esthetic, absolutely, but we can change what the movie art is, we can just decide not to use it, said, noting film executives decide on the art, not the publishers.

cheapens the experience of the book for me. far, far, far less inclined to pick up a book if Nike Basketball Shoes Hyperdunk 2017

that my place, and when you think about how insignificant a bookstore like mine is in the big picture, it much better that people read a good book because it has a movie Nike Basketball Shoes 2015 on it than they don read the book at all.

But for person that doesn want to be seen reading a classic book because it got a star on the front, there probably three people who are buying the book because there a star on the front and there a movie, added Garner.

often actually look for the old version. I look for it in a second hand book store before I buy that new flashy, Hollywood version, because that what it feels like. Heller voiced her opinion during a panel discussion at the Jaipur Literature Festival in India in late January.

keep it until the DVD is out and then we usually go back to the original paperback art, she said. that was respected and our sales did not suffer for that, either. said a movie tie in is for the book, regardless of the cover, noting the content that more important. he acknowledged there is a portion of the public that will want the original and the company will always offer both versions to accommodate all tastes.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

think of Pi hit a home run with their movie cover because it wasn the blatant movie poster and it really depicted the story really well, he said. for a book that over 10 years old we sold hundreds of thousands. The sales were unbelievable. said of Pi is a good example of how a movie tie in can give a facelift to a book that been in print for many years while introducing it to a new generation of readers and film viewers who might not necessarily be bookworms.

think because of the sense that there a level of transience to the movie that is inimical to serious readers. Faulks and David Mitchell Atlas are two examples of books that had movie tie ins that were shunned by McNally customers, he said.

place that I ever worked, customers don want the movie jacket, said owner Ben McNally.

Nike Basketball Shoes 2015

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