Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

phase well from my previous marathons. It is a stage where you could be put off, but you know the work has to be done.

"What I would really love,'' he says, "is to run it in the same time as my first marathon, when I was 28. My time then was 3 hours 54 minutes. If I could do that, I would be delighted.''

THE countdown has begun for the thousands of runners preparing for the Cork marathon, which takes place on June 4. For John Philip Murray, an artist from Lissardagh, Co Cork, running the marathon is a challenge he set himself on his 60th birthday.

So far, the training is going well. John Philip is sticking to a strict programme, watching his diet and making sure that he gets enough rest. He also uses weights and practices yoga before going to bed, to keep his muscles supple.

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

training on his own and is clearly very motivated.

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

"Running is a wonderful way to clear your head. It is brilliant and makes you feel really good. Running early in the day is great,'' he says.

"Running the Cork marathon is my second goal. I have run three marathons before. But the last one was in 1997, when I was 45, and I Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s limped around and said: 'Never again.' But now I feel ready for it.''

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

"You literally do have to cover the miles, otherwise you will be putting yourself through torture on the day.''

slowly with a walk and a few stretches before gradually getting into it. Motivation is the key. If you are able to talk yourself into going that 10% further each week, then you will succeed.''

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

"In your 20s it is good to be fit, but as you approach your 50s it is absolutely essential. It is not an option any more. The big thing I am concerned with is life balance. The exercise fits into the bigger picture. It's about living life, eating well, resting and exercising,'' he says.

"You might be a bit creaky getting out of bed, but I start off Nike Basketball Shoes Blue

Although John Phillip is a member of St Finbarrs' running club, he has done most of his Nike Dunk Elite

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

"I am at a phase where I am quite tired,'' he says. "But I know this Foamposite Northern Lights On Feet

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

"I decided to set myself some goals,'' he says. " The first goal was relatively easy. On the day of my birthday, I cycled a mile for every year. So I cycled 60 miles and had a lovely day.

At the moment, John Philip is running eight and half minute miles, but by June he hopes to have improved and has set himself a target of doing the marathon in four to four and half hours.

After the Cork marathon, John Phillip says his third goal will be to run the Dublin marathon in October and he is determined to continue running.

´╗┐but I'll run with the urge

Nike Basketball Shoes Early 2000s

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