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Planning permission for the new Ilkeston railway station was granted by Erewash Borough Council on Wednesday night.

"But when you look at the economic case, the best site for the entire Nike Dunk Cmft Prm

On a visit to a site earmarked for a new rail station in Ilkeston yesterday, Mr McLoughlin insisted he was not hell bent on the 250mph route passing through Toton Sidings.

"It will also bring people into Ilkeston, which is also important. Now it seems they're trying the 'economic benefits' for the regions to justify this project. They'd have to do better than that for many areas that are seeing local investment and development stall because of HS2.

The station will cost million and will be built on land between Coronation Road and Millership Crescent in the town.

And Nottingham City Council's Labour leader Jon Collins said: "This is Derby thinking about what is best for their city and not for the East Midlands. I'm not going to knock them for that.

He said: "One of the two councils has granted planning permission now and I don't think it will be long until it is built.

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

If a station in the city is not achieved, leader Paul Bayliss wants a new train line linking Derby to Nottingham via the HS2 station at Toton

Mr McLoughlin said he agreed with some of the points made by Derby City Council and promised to consider all ideas put forward.

region is Toton."

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

I think it's taking far too long personally! Yes the debate will be fierce during 2015 election campaign but only in a few constituencies along the planned line of route elsewhere it's just a meaningless distraction!

´╗┐but transport secretary will consider Derby option

HS2 ltd. The taxpayer is footing the bill for CrossRail right now why not uproar about that project 118km of non High speed line for compare that with for 590km of HS2 it's not contest. Technocrats are dictating strategy for CrossRail and the huge investment in the classic network over the coming decades but no huge campaigns about those projects why the answer is easy no new line coming through someone's backyard communities who are affluent, articulate and well connected so they make a lot of noise it's that noise you've been attracted to. Predictions yes of course everything in the future is a prediction but approx 31 million passenger journeys were undertaken on the WCML alone last year (a figure that's growing every year) the line is fast filling up and if demand keeps rising (and the figures demonstrate it will) only a NEW line build will solve the capacity issue in the long term there is no way round that conundrum and that's why HS2 is a no brainer. Finally I don't think a project that first saw the light of day back in 2009 and won't be completed until 2033 could ever be described as "far too quickly" Nike Basketball Shoes 2016

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

"Derby was looked at as the preferred route but it was not felt it was the right solution for engineering reasons. However, if Derby City Council thinks it has a solution, I will of course look at that."

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

But Labour's Alan Rhodes, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, says Toton would serve both Derby and Nottingham, and called for the Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White Government to stick to its original plan.

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

He said: "I'm not committed to any route.

Mr McLoughlin said: "I agree with Paul (Bayliss) that if the station is to built at Toton, it is absolutely essential to get the right infrastructure in place so both Derby and Nottingham can benefit.

in a consultation period on phase two of HS2 and that runs until January 31. As part of that process, I want to listen to what Derby City Council says.

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Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

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"What I will say is David Higgins, the new chairman of HS2, will be looking at all inter connectivity between the various rail routes including the one that will soon be passing through here in Ilkeston.

"I think it will be an important asset for the people of Ilkeston. It will make it possible for them to get to key cities like Nottingham within minutes, so they can get to work or look for work.

Mr McLoughlin said he was confident the station would be built.

Nike Basketball Shoes Green And White

It says that the Derby station option would "support 3,600 jobs through development around the station generated as a result of HS2", though it would also displace businesses providing 1,500 jobs.

"The planned route is close to the airport and the M1 and will bring enormous economic benefits to Nottinghamshire as a whole, as well as improving travel time for passengers."

"Bringing the HS2 line to Toton, combined with the dualling of the A453 and much needed improvements to the Midland Mainline, will help make our county a place where businesses can flourish.

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