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More than three decades after the girls vanished in May 1971, the case resurfaced in 2004.

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On Monday, someone who lives in the area found four wheels of a car sticking out of Brule Creek, which is in Union County between Beresford and Elk Point. The car found is a 1960 Studebaker and the license plate on the Foamposite Doom

BERESFORD, SD Two hunters stumbled across what may be the most telling and chilling piece of evidence in South Dakota best known cold case.

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The vehicle has been underwater for more than four decades. As they try to remove it, the car is falling apart so they are now removing evidence piece by piece.

"We believe it has to do with the disappearance of Cheryl Miller and Pam Jackson, but we not going to say any further details until we had an opportunity, as the sheriff indicated, to excavate the vehicle, to take it in for forensic Nike Dunk Boot

´╗┐Car Found In Union County Connected To Missing Girls Case

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That when investigators zeroed in on a Union County farm, searching for any clues connected to the disappearance. The farm was located north of Monday discovery.

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Sherri Miller and Pam Jackson haven been seen since 1971. The 17 year old Vermillion girls were on their way to a party near Beresford when they vanished.

vehicle matches the one on the car the girls were last seen in.

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"We in the process of excavating the material out of the vehicle now to determine exactly what it is, in fact, we have," Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges said.

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with the case. Investigators say they are still recovering evidence and reviewing it. Their focus now is on giving the girls families some closure.

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Pam Jackson family was in the area over the weekend for the funeral of her father. Jackley says they were at the scene for a time Monday afternoon.

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At this point, there no word on any criminal charges in connection Nike Foamposite Dragon

The two girls were Juniors at Vermillion High School and were headed to a party in Nike Basketball Shoes Kobe 11 a gravel pit when they disappeared.

testing and to ascertain more information," South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said.

Around that same time, a man who grew up on the farm was accused in the case, but the charges against David Lykken were later dropped. He is currently serving prison time for two unrelated rapes.

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