Nike Basketball Shoes New

Nike Basketball Shoes New

Nike Basketball Shoes New

"Yeah, it's still there. We have that offense and the defense is that high pressure system and the guys have got to be in phenomenal shape to play in the system. But we've got as many Nike Basketball Shoes New losses this year already as we did all of last year."

Nike Basketball Shoes New

"Well, we brought them in to push the vets. With just 11 teams in this league, you have to be getting better all Nike Dunk Disposable

"No. 1 has got to be Josh Sanderson. He sees the floor like no one else in this league and he just makes the entire team better."

Nike Basketball Shoes New

Nike Basketball Shoes New

"We still have the same crew, basically, with guys like Mike Carnegie and Andrew McBride. But complacency will kill you and we didn't want to be complacent. So we brought in guys like Mike Kirkby and Craig Gelvsik. Kirkby was ready to play again after some job issues."

Nike Basketball Shoes New

6. So the new defensive guys were brought in for inspiration?

Nike Basketball Shoes New

made them one of the best champions among champions in league history. There's always a target on the chest of the champ and while the Roughnecks are hardly out of playoff consideration, owner and GM Brad Banister says they certainly have their work cut out for them.

3. So it's a consistency thing?

the time."

1. Overall assessment of the season so far?

It took the entire 2009 season for the Calgary Roughnecks to lose 4 National Lacrosse League games. Of course, winning the Champion's Cup kinda dulls the sting of those losses and helps ya forget about 'em right quick. But 2010 is a different story. Just 9 games into the NLL season, the Riggers are 5 4 and are struggling to maintain the consistency that not only made them last year's champ, but arguably Nike Sneakers High Heels

´╗┐Calgary Roughnecks GM Brad Banister On the Hot Sea

Nike Basketball Shoes New

"Terry (Sanderson) and Troy (Cordingley) and Dave (Pym) were a very tight group and the players were respectful of all 3. So when Terry and Troy left, the players are kind of like kids and sometimes, they'll push just to see what they can get away with. But once they knew Foamposite Pro Black And White

Dave was serious about it all, they were too.".

"Yeah. We were up 10 1 against Washington (Feb. 26) and we let them back into the game. We still managed to win, 13 9, but that's a good example of how we haven't been consistent."

5. There's been a bit of shuffling on the defensive end with the roster.

4. Give us a guy who's been a leader, an example of consistency.

Nike Basketball Shoes New

Nike Basketball Shoes New

Nike Basketball Shoes New

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