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uses to fix phones.

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wrong and the exploded, engulfing him in flames.

left it pulled off [the hob] slightly and one edge that was still on got red hot. When I went to put it back on [the heat] and stir it one last time that when it went bang. It lit instantly and blew up in my face. who was not wearing a top at the time, dropped to the floor and managed to roll the flames out before paramedics arrived.

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Chris is now on the mend at home in Green Lane but has warned others to avoid the online tutorials.

The 26 year old, who is well known locally for fixing people mobile phones, was rushed to hospital and treated for burns to his hands, arms, stomach, chest, face and back.

He immediately dropped to the Nike Foamposite Black Fruity Pebbles

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He had made up several batches without a problem, cooking them up on the kitchen stove.

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saucepan I was working with was a cheap one and it got to the end of its tether. The bottom had all scratched away and some of the inside metal was getting thinner and thinner.

Nike Blazer Low

Nike Blazer Low

Nike Blazer Low

Nike Blazer Low

Chris admitted he felt an idiot following the accident on Sunday, August 3 and is thankful his Nike Blazer Low injuries were not worse. Doctors have told him he should not suffer any scarring and he is now concentrating on recovering.

pain didn hit me until I was in the ambulance, he added. put some stuff on me, they said it was better than water. It burnt more than the fire did but after 10 15 minutes it went away and I was fine. was rushed to the James Paget Hospital and later transferred to a specialist burns unit in Chelmsford where he spent a week recovering. He was discharged at the weekend but has had to return this week for a dressing change.

wouldn recommend doing it, he said. say stay away from it. It could have been a life ruiner for me.

Chris Monger was following the video on how to make fuel to power fireworks when the experiment went horribly Nike Mag Buy Online

could have been a hell of a lot worse, I could have lost my eyesight. former Great Yarmouth College student said he was watching the to make the flammable substance using some of the chemicals he Nike Blazer Suede High Tops

kitchen floor at his home in Bradwell and managed to put the flames out before emergency services arrived.

´╗┐Burns horror for Bradwell man who tried to make rocket fuel at home

But as he was working on the last mix, the bottom of the saucepan gave way and the substance hit the hob and exploded all over him.

Nike Blazer Low

Chris explained: was in the kitchen with my mum and sister eating strawberries and going back and forth to the stove.

Nike Blazer Low

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