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"That's because we feel we are there to do the best for patients. So, for example, we're not there to suggest they have a procedure in order to make money out of them.

The panel can be called in to deal with a whole range of serious issues, such as concerns that a patient died without the proper medical care, or that a professional is struggling due to their own health problems.

Equally, these bodies may refer professionals to Dr Black.

The panel does not deal with lesser concerns, for example, GP appointments running late. In cases such as these, patients would be asked to speak directly to the surgery.

He said: "We help doctors and others to go off sick when they're not well enough to provide Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black the standards of care required."

Dr Black said the complaints he dealt with were sometimes entirely unfounded but, more often, the professional had made what he described as "very minor" failings.

´╗┐but we need to learn from mistakes'

Overall, Dr Black said he was happy with the high standard of care provided in the county.

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

Dr Black said he was often called upon when professionals were struggling to cope.

Figures for the number of new cases in previous years do not include the city, due to the way NHS management was formerly organised.

Dr Black said: "If a Nike Dunk Fish Ladder

GP John Grenville, secretary of the Derbyshire Local Medical Committee, said it was "a horrible feeling" to be the subject of a complaint.

"But, very often when bad things happen, it's not because anyone has done anything wrong."

have to remember that I'm responsible for more than 1,000 of these professionals.

He said: "GPs are less good at dealing with complaints than many other professional groups.

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

He said: "The person who made the allegation felt very strongly about it.

He said: "Our figures are quite low compared to other areas of the country. And you Nike Dunk X Supreme

There were 28 in the year from April 2010, 25 from April 2009 and 34 from April 2008.

Another example of a complaint he has dealt with was an allegation of racism.

If the complaints are particularly serious, the case is referred to the national body responsible for maintaining high standards within a particular profession.

Black's panel.

But he admitted that sometimes the complaints or failings were more serious.

For example, the General Medical Council investigates doctors.

"If there were no cases for investigation I'd be worried, because we want to encourage people to come forward."

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Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

Concerns may even be raised by the individual themselves, if they are worried they have made a mistake or are in need of help.

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

patient dies after seeing a doctor, people may be concerned the doctor did not do their job properly and we would look into it.

That is because anybody can send a complaint directly to organisations such as the General Medical Council but the issue may not be serious enough for their involvement and, instead, be more suited to investigation by Dr Nike Air Mag For Sale Nz

These complaints may have been lodged by patients, colleagues, MPs who have been contacted by their constituents or professional bodies such as the General Medical Council.

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

He said: "Professionals aren't supposed to shout at, hit or have sex with patients, and, fortunately, these cases are very rare.

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"In serious cases, we can suspend or remove them but it's very rare that we do that because our local health professionals really are quite good quality."

Of the 54 new cases referred to the panel last year, 22 professionals worked in Derby and the remaining 32 worked across the rest of the county.

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

"But the doctor and all their colleagues, including those who were ethnic minorities, said they had never heard this person say anything like it."

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

Nike Blazer Low Gt In Black

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