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just kept saying, brave. other little girl, close to her mother, struggled to breathe.

Glass rained down and shoppers were hit when a red Pontiac slammed into the store entranceway in reverse, stopping between the double doors at the store busy with hundreds of customers.

Shocked customers and staff said the car came through the doors with a thunderous bang.

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Every witness who spoke to QMI Agency broke down in tears or appeared to choke them back. Several noted how close they been to the scene, how easily they could have been struck.

Other customers and store staff helped direct traffic to quickly get emergency workers to the injured.

Witnesses described Nike Blazer Sb with injured kids and adults on the store floor surrounded by shattered glass and broken metal. Others nearby were bleeding from being hit by glass shards.

Investigators were still trying to determine how the car wound up going backward, getting between two post like barriers, or bollards, before crashing through the sliding glass doors.

heard the engine rev really loud and then, whoosh, an explosion. It looked like a tidal wave just glass, said Tracy Carne.

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could hear Nike Air Mag 2017 Amazon

Police hadn ruled out the possibility of charges against the driver, depending on their investigation.

around the parking lot talking.

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Nike Blazer Sb

were lots of people talking to her, comforting her and her mom, said Carne.

was like a war zone, said one woman, her voice breaking as tears streamed down her face. was something you would see on CNN. and staff raced to the entrance to help, bringing blankets, defibrillators and first aid kits and doing what they could to comfort those hurt before paramedics arrived.

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Carne friend, Margaret Smith, described the scene as a tornado. Nike Dunk High Sb

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all the glass shattering and the car smashing and people screaming. had released no names, but sources described the driver as a woman who appeared to be in her late 40s or early 50s.

saw the youngest child sitting on the floor. She appeared to have a piece of glass in her mouth. Chris (another employee) took a buggy off her and I just held her, said employee Tino Casavecchia.

Besides the mother and her daughters, all in critical condition, two other adults and the car driver were taken to hospital.

Sources say the woman, eight months pregnant, was given an emergency Caesarian section suggesting she or her unborn baby was in serious distress.

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Nike Blazer Sb

´╗┐Car crashes through front doors of Costco

In the aftermath, after five ambulances raced away from the scene with patients and police began to interview witnesses, stunned customers and staff stood Nike Mag Order

LONDON, Ont. A six year old girl was fighting for her life Friday, her three year old sister and their pregnant mother badly hurt after they were struck from behind by a car that crashed into a southwestern Ontario Costco.

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