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Mark Moberly says, "Parents should sit down with their kids without creating an unusual amount of fear so the kid is afraid to go Nike Blazer Shoes outside, but to explain that it isn't okay to talk to strangers and get too far away from the house."

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Mark Moberly says, "Of course it's Nike Dunk Nyc Pigeon

Jeanne Ellis adds, "I think it always hits you directly to your heart when you're a parent. You can't imagine anything worse than losing your child. It's a terrible feeling."

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Mark Moberly adds, "The vast Nike Dunk Lux Chukka Rt

Moberly says most of the time when a child is abducted it's by someone they know and it's usually a family member.

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But because kidnappings by strangers do happen, parents need to talk to their kids.

The California kidnapping case hits home here in KELOLAND. The same thing has happened here too. In 1990, a stranger kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and killed nine year old Becky O'Connell. One year later, another stranger took newspaper carrier Katie Clarey and sexually assaulted her before killing her. Both cases are a sad reminder that parents always need to be on guard, even in KELOLAND.

Jeanne Ellis works to keep up with her 17 month old son Graham, never letting him wander too far.

majority are often times child custody cases where one parent doesn't return a child after a weekend type of thing."

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Jeanne Ellis says, "I think it can happen anywhere and I think when you are less prepared for it you are much more susceptible to it.

Ellis says this week's kidnapping and killing of a California girl touches any parent.

´╗┐California Kidnapping And Murder Hit Home

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probably also rare in the community where it actually happened a couple days ago. It's not sufficient for people just to write it off and say no it can't happen here because I'm sure that's how the people felt in California where this did happen."

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Captain Mark Moberly with the Sioux Falls police department says kidnappings by strangers don't happen very often here, but they are possible

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The most recent case of a stranger kidnapping happened near Terry Redlin Elementary last December. What was unusual about that case is that the little girl was let go.

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Jeanne Ellis says, "I tend to be really protective of him anyway. But certainly in any public setting I tend to never let him out of my sight to be very careful."

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