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Meet the traffic engineers behind the curtain. Seven engineers have 12 cameras watching the most traveled areas of Augusta this week. Those engineers decide where they want to see less congestion: Washington Road or Riverwatch Parkway.

But where that can appear chaotic, there's much more control.

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"It's a balancing act when you're not controlling traffic as much as you're managing it and getting them to a spot," said Cassell.

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gang members off the streets; help us identify who's throwing trash onto our streets; help us identify the child abductors and muggers. I also think cops need to walk beats and all those substations need to be Nike Dunk Black Gum manned.

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traffic patterns by driving routes themselves. They also use helicopters as a backup to check on patterns.

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I have noticed a great improvement in the flow of traffic this year and want to thank those involved. As far a camera's are concerned I'd love nothing better than to have cameras placed all across the city if it would help keep crime down. I'm not a "big brother" type but do think that if people are law abiding they have nothing to fear. A few "well placed" cameras might help us get some Nike Hyperdunk Low Top Basketball Shoes

I think the cameras are a great idea. Not only to help traffic flow, but maybe we should re vamp the cameras to take pictures of red light runners. There are cities around the nation that do this. It would certainly reduce the amount of red light runners. TK3, your comment is just another one of ignorance and fear. If you got robbed or beaten to death, wouldnt you like to have a record of who did it? Big Brother Big Smuther. Its about time government stood up for its citizens.

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"You're talking about an international well known event, and you're trying to get people in and out of here," said Richmond County Traffic Engineer Steve Cassell. "You only got so many routes you can take."

"You got different people coming each day and you're seeing issues that weren't there yesterday and they appear today," adds Cassell. "So we're trying to adjust some things on the fly."

course their GPS is telling them go one direction, we're telling them to go the other direction."

Berckman's Road can be a challenge as well. The traffic patterns are less predictable during the practice rounds when patrons arrive at different times.

´╗┐Cameras eyeing Masters traffic help engineers track patterns

"You want to spread them out the best you can, but of Nike Dunk Low Black

AUGUSTA Thousands of golf patrons will navigate traffic cones, quick changing lights, and message board warnings on the way to the Masters.

Traffic engineers plan to add more cameras next year and increase internet speeds. Eventually, Richmond County wants to make the cameras available online to anyone.

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Nike Dunk Black Gum

That's done by watching the busy intersections and adjusting those lights and message boards if needed. Engineers test Nike Dunk For Women

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