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The public health initiative, known as Tips From Former Smokers, was launched by the CDC in March and ran until mid June. A dozen or so ex smokers offered very personal and often harrowing testimonials on the devastating health consequences that can result from years of tobacco use. Participants were featured in multiple 30 second televised public service announcements, radio commercials and web and print ads.

The campaign did just Foamposite Qs

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Putting a face to smoking related disability in a way that people can relate to was the campaign's goal.

Now, a post campaign assessment of its impact on a target audience of 18 to 54 year old smokers suggests that the effort did indeed boost awareness and perhaps even changed behavior.

Hall and Nike Dunk Diamond Supply the campaign also reached out to 10,000 students to provide a cautionary tale of what can happen when you light up.

"What we decided to do was essentially try to give the American people more of a real feeling of what's behind the statistics," said Dr. Tim McAfee, director of the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health.

that by "giving a voice and a strong sense of humanity to people who have been the victims," McAfee said. "Not helpless, pathetic victims, but people Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

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"When I was a teenager there was no tobacco education," Hall said. "I wish I had had someone like me come visit my school and show me how tobacco would affect my body. Maybe I would have made a more educated decision about what I would do with cigarettes."

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Peer pressure, Hall said, caused her to pick up her first cigarette at age 17. And addiction turned her into a two packs a day smoker, a habit she Nike Basketball Shoes Hyperdunk 2011

´╗┐Campaign Has Smokers Listening to Smoking

"When they asked me to be a part of this campaign I had no idea of the impact that they would have," Hall said. "I had no idea of the overwhelming and unbelievable experience that I would have with it.

No one is more pleased by, or proud of, such evidence of the campaign's success than participant and former smoker Terrie Hall.

By Alan MozesTHURSDAY, Nov. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

hung on to for 23 years.

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who want their stories told about what's been happening over the last 50 years, and who don't want to see this happen to anybody else."

"I've had it 10 times now," Hall said, her voice stressed and labored as a permanent consequence of throat cancer and the laryngectomy surgery she had many years ago. The surgery resulted in the removal of her voice box (larynx), meaning that today she must breath through an opening in her neck and speak with mechanical assistance.

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During the campaign, the CDC saw a huge uptick in the percentage of American smokers who called in to their 1 800 QUIT NOW information line.

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Nearly 158,00 calls came in during the equivalent time frame in 2011. During the 2012 campaign, however, that number skyrocketed to more than 365,000, amounting to a 132 percent jump in calls.

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"Everything that's happened to me has come from the fact that I smoked cigarettes," Hall said. "That means that every day I have to put in my teeth, I have to put in a talking device in my neck, I have to wear a wig. That's how I get ready for my day. I've had a lot of radiation, and I'm still going to chemotherapy. It's all taken quite a toll on me."

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