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I know this doesn seem important to many people in Geelong, but this is precisely the issue: we do not encourage our talented and creative young people to stay in the city. This is particularly so in the arts and it needs to change if the city wants to grow and develop a real cultural life.

True, we are finally building a new library in Geelong but Newcastle pursues cultural precincts to attract tourism as much as it relies on its beautiful beaches and fabulous outdoor ocean pools; in Geelong you cannot study music or performing arts such as drama and all that goes with these disciplines at a university level.

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Nike Dunk Low Pro Sb Zoom Air

and there was a lot of grief and anger at the time. But the comparisons with Geelong are interesting a top class university, a fine art gallery, a performing arts centre, the Wool museum, the classy waterfront precinct. OK the climate is not so friendly for much of the year, but Geelong is the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula with its surf beaches and wineries as Newcastle is the gateway to the Hunter Valley. Let's not forget It also has a top notch footy team. And it's only just down the road from Melbourne. So I hope it will build on these strengths and develop new ones to reinvent itself as Victoria's second city.

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Michael Martinez is the chief Nike Blazer Mid Lr

We do, however, have our Pako Festa, which was celebrated last Saturday and is an event we should all be proud of.

This year theme was weaving cultures something we do well and a key driver of successful cities like New York, where it all about the people.

its local government has a plan and it called 2030 a 20 year plan to transform and modernise the city. I don believe we have a similar type of agreed to vision and plan here.

Secondly the banners at the bottom of the Newcastle City website say a lot about the city transformation. The banners are Museum Newcastle, Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle Convention Bureau and Newcastle Museum.

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LEE PALMER of ALBERT PARK, VICTORIA Posted at 5:06 PM February 27, 2014

While I love Eastern Beach and my wife and I were the first people to be wed and have their reception at the restored Beachhouse at Eastern Beach in 1994, we just can cut it when it comes to Newcastle urban beaches or its sea baths.

I lived in Sydney at the time that BHP closed its steelworks in Newcastle Nike Air Mag Replica Amazon

I know this first hand as I studied piano at the conservatorium at Melbourne University 25 years ago as there was nothing available in Geelong. Nothing has changed.

Similarly, the sea water temperature is around 4C cooler here than in Newcastle, hence the reason for Newcastle fantastic sea baths and surf beaches.

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executive officer of Diversitat.

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Sorry to all those who think this is too arty farty and it true it won help those workers who are being retrenched but if change is what we are being told we must do by our leaders, then let look to all aspects of life for our fair city.

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Not sure how we can change the weather but for the records a quick check of our average weather would tell you that Geelong is over four degrees cooler, with an average high temperature of 23.8C in Newcastle compared to our 19.3C, and a low of 9.0C in Geelong compared to Newcastle 13.4C.

Victoria doesn have the vast mining resources of Queensland and WA and we have traditionally grown, developed and particularly in the past 70 years manufactured things.

Perhaps the federal ministers who live in northern Sydney and Queensland haven realised that Victoria is actually a state and that manufacturing job losses will have a vastly bigger economic impact across the whole state including Geelong than the drought in Queensland that has been running for a couple of years.

The first thing I noticed when I checked the City of Newcastle website was that Foamposites On Feet

´╗┐but can back its arts

I sure Newcastle would love to Nike Dunk Low Pro Sb Zoom Air have an event of this type. Perhaps this is something that city could learn from us.

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The current manufacturing jobs tsunami hitting this state is affecting thousands of families and, I might add, will particularly hurt migrant families who have traditionally relied on manufacturing jobs to build their base in this great state.

At the University of Newcastle you can study music at the conservatorium located in the civic precinct of the city. You can also study performing arts including drama in Newcastle and do not need to go to Sydney or another capital city.

Getting back to the point about being like Newcastle, let do a little homework and see what we can learn from Newcastle.

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But when that comparison is applied to the whole state, well that a bit odious.

Creativity is the future in terms of one of our economic advantages. Art spiritual and life affirming abilities are essential in any successful modern culture.

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