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"In the response, staff listen for key words which would indicate a life threatening situation such as 'collapsed', 'not breathing' and can dispatch an ambulance even before the caller has given their location.

compared to last year, so we're having to do more with our resources."

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Other changes include reducing the time it takes for patients Nike Dunk Sb 2017 to be handed over to hospital staff by 999 crews.

So what they are doing is to ask those on the scene to diagnose a condition without any medical training, and staff on the end of a phone to interpret this disinformation and judge whether an ambulance is required; this is very dangerous territory indeed.

And it comes at the same time as EMAS has approved radical plans to change the way it operates. The county's 16 ambulance stations will be replaced with one super station at Raynesway, in Derby, three other stations at Chesterfield, High Peak and Ashbourne and 25 community ambulance posts.

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Nike Dunk Sb 2017

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Traditionally, staff answering the phones at East Midlands Ambulance Service would ask for an address from the caller, before asking what the emergency was.

An EMAS spokesman said: "Instead of first getting an address and phone number, we say: 'Tell me what happened?'

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"That's because we can now pinpoint where most landline or mobile calls are coming from. In a life threatening emergency, where every second counts, this will save valuable time."

EMERGENCY 999 callers requesting an ambulance will first be asked what the problem is rather than their location in a bid to help paramedics reach patients more quickly.

Unfortunately, smshogun, it would seem you could be right. Ever since I saw a guy with a heart attack die in Newark town centre some years back when the ambulance took an hour to arrive, I have never believed a word they say. This redistribution of resources is just another way of saving the Treasury money and any excuse will do. It will not improve the service one iota and they know it so exactly why they believe in giving out the usual load of tripe before doing as they please is quite beyond me. It seems that they are intent on trying to make the Tories look correct about Public sector services which we all rely on. They will never ever remember that those services were what put the GREAT in Great Britain. Smug ignorance!!

´╗┐callers in Derbyshire 'will get ambulances on their way quicker'

as a way of apportioning blame, or deflecting blame by claiming the caller gave incorrect information and call centre staff cannot be blamed for this; so basically a Kop out and another way of massaging figures.

"In 2012 2013, calls to our service rose Nike Dunk High Be True

Pete Ripley, divisional director for EMAS North (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire), said: "We are always looking to improve our performance and our action plan encourages this, as well as allowing us to pilot and review new ways of working.

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Nike Dunk Sb 2017

Nike Dunk Sb 2017

This will see the introduction of electrical sensors on doors at the Royal Derby Hospital's accident and emergency department to collect information faster, adding extra trolleys to the department and recruiting a hospital ambulance liaison officer to oversee 999 staff.

As a result, they have decided it would be more effective to determine if the situation is life threatening first, before sending an ambulance vehicle.

"This includes a range of measures, from plans to ensure extra cover during the busiest periods of the day to making our call handling even more effective.

It is among a series of changes being made by the ambulance service including organising extra staff during the busiest parts of the day to improve its response times.

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Nike Dunk Sb 2017

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