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´╗┐campaign for safe and innovative schools underway

In addition to that savings, the referendum would also replace a voter approved 2007 technology levy. At the time, it was a $3 million annual levy. The district anticipated eventually garnering $4 million per year through the levy as property values appreciated, according to Fujitake, but as property values dropped in the years following, so did the district's levy value. Instead of receiving more than $3 million in 2013, the district is capturing approximately $2.7 million this year, he said.

Fujitake detailed the district's process in analyzing safety and security needs. Early this year the district conducted a facility analysis to determine the perceived level of safety and security amongst district staff, students and parents. In March, the district conducted a security audit and developed a safety plan that the school board approved.

"We go into debt just like you do," he said, explaining how the district finances building maintenance. Through restructuring of the district's debt, similar Nike Air Mag 2017 On Feet

Preparedness involves training the district's staff for crisis response.

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"These people cannot advocate, we can," said Dennis Kane, co chairman of a vote yes campaign. Approximately 60 people are gathering weekly to discuss how to promote the referendum and "inform people to vote," he explained.

District officials can discuss the plan, but they cannot advocate for it.

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"I've been told by experts this is what we need to do," Fujitake said.

The district's technology plan will move classroom instruction away from textbooks and toward digital content, providing learning opportunities anytime and anywhere through online resources and personalized data for each student. The results of this can be examined like a growth chart, according to John Weisser, the director of technology and information services for the district.

The district's plan is to use online programs and wireless devices, such as Chromebooks, to create a digital backpack for students. Providing Chromebooks and online access for students, both inside and outside of the classroom, will create anytime, anywhere learning, Weisser explained.

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As the campaign season begins to steamroll through autumn, representatives and supporters of the Bloomington school district are already pounding the pavement in support of November's referendum.

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Response focuses on the steps that will be taken during a crisis, with the procedures for action and communication, he explained.

As the district is addressing its needs outside the classroom, the referendum would also address needs inside the classroom through technology improvements.

Without referendum dollars, the district will not disregard the safety and security initiatives, although how they would be financed is unknown.

The recovery component addresses restoring the learning and teaching environment, he noted.

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The combination of replacing the old referendum and the restructuring of debt would offset the $6 Nike Basketball Shoes Hyperdunk 2015

The district's "Safe and Innovative Schools" referendum would replace the existing technology referendum and finance school safety improvements in addition to additional technology. The proposal would provide Bloomington Public Schools with $6 million per Nike Blazer Vintage Black

"This is just as important as the physical changes we are doing to our buildings," he said.

million annual levy, provide $2 million for school safety improvements annually during the next three years and fund technology at $4 million per year, as projected in 2007, Fujitake explained. After three years, the funding toward safety and security needs would be reduced to approximately $700,000 of the annual levy, he noted.

to refinancing a mortgage, the district has been able to reduce its levy needs by approximately $3 million, he noted.

The plan has four components: mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, Fujitake said. The mitigation step Nike Dunk Sky High White involves the purchase of surveillance technology and improving access control in the buildings. Buildings would be configured so that all visitors would be funneled through the front office, as is the case already at Olson Middle School, he noted.

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Taxpayers, however, are welcome to campaign for or against it, and a campaign to support the referendum is underway.

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year for 10 years, and is proposed to do so without increasing the school district's taxes for property owners. Supt. Les Fujitake explained the plan during a presentation last week at the Bloomington Progressive Issues Forum.

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