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There are several levels of emergency responder jobs. Paramedics must go through the most schooling. Paramedics often serve as either basic or advanced Emergency Medical Technicians before taking the final step, which is the Paramedic degree program. EMTs go through hour based certification programs.

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it in the classroom in a chair," explains instructor Joe Crutcher as he directs students how to remove an injured person from a vehicle in a crash scenario. They're using one of their own cars in the parking lot and their "victim" is a fellow classmate.

"It isn't enough for us," said Owen, "I can't recall the last time we hired a paramedic that didn't have any prior field experience."

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the next day," said Crutcher.

So for now, there's a disconnect between the school programs and the Ambulance Districts, who both say they don't get what they need from the other side.

Crutcher says it's true the schools can only do so much with simulation, but he also says they need the emergency service organizations to help give students the initial training they need.

"I know that this year the students that graduate this program will be capable of going on and working as an entry level paramedic," Crutcher said with confidence.

"It's tight, it's a car, it's not like doing Womens Navy Blue Nike Basketball Shoes

They got the equipment in August, and the students who will graduate this August have been working with simulations regularly. They also are working on using the dummies in an ambulance and performing full mock emergency calls and transports.

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"There is a point where response times will become longer and potentially some harm could come to the public," said Owen.

Crutcher says ISU is trying to separate itself from other paramedic programs and churn out better workers. He says the Boise Paramedic lab recently got almost two hundred thousand dollars for simulation equipment. That includes a plastic baby who breathes and whose tongue can swell up, a man who can exhibit severe injuries, and even a woman giving birth.

Crutcher says there just aren't enough jobs for EMTs that allow students to get that initial real life scenario exposure before becoming paramedics.

An emergency happens. You call 9 1 1 and wait for the ambulance. You assume the person coming to help is well trained and will get there fast. But in Canyon County there's growing concern that if they can't find those well trained people, public safety could be on the line.

He graduated from Idaho State University's Paramedic program in 2004. He was already working in Canyon County as an EMT, and was quickly promoted to paramedic.

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"That's always going to continue to be a problem if that's what you expect, somebody to be able to come out and go to work Nike Dunk Sb Camo

But recently, the Canyon County Ambulance District is struggling to find qualified candidates. They have money, but the right talent hasn't Nike Basketball Shoes Order Online

NAMPA Canyon County emergency workers responded to ten thousand emergency calls last year, and that number is growing. However, they say they're having a hard time Nike Dunk Ultra Umbrella finding the right employees to fill the gap.

He says they aren't at that point yet, but it's coming sooner rather than later if they don't find those qualified people. Across the valley in Boise, ISU Paramedic Program students are trying to get ready.

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´╗┐Canyon County Paramedics Can't Find Qualified Candidates

walked through the door for nearly six months.

"We have had money in the budget since October of '06 to increase our staffing and we are still trying to find qualified people," said District Manager Greg Owen. Owen says Canyon County holds a very high standard, and school paramedic programs just aren't delivering the goods. But they can't wait forever.

Owen says they also want to expand ambulance services in Canyon County to reduce response times, which currently can be as much as 15 minutes in rural areas. They hope to put another ambulance station near Wilder to cut response times to places like Parma in half. That is, if they can find the people to staff it.

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