Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

"One of the newest things out is putting nitrogen in tires. It's thicker and will not go down as quick," Whitehead said.

"With the price of gasoline going up, auto maintenance going up and tires going up, it affects my bottom line," Simons said.

petroleum by products, which tires are made out of, are just a few more reasons why consumers are having to pay 20 percent more for the same tires they purchased a few years back.

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Each time you put your wheels to work, you're a few miles closer to buying a new set, but now you'll have to pay even more out of pocket for those tires.

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

"I have to either save up for it, decide what I'm going to get. Can I run the tires a little longer?" Simon questioned.

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

AUGUSTA, Ga. If you are in the market for new car tires, be prepared for some sticker shock next time you're in the shop. The price of tires is jumping from 20 to 30 percent.

With the right amount of care, you should be able to get at least 50,000 miles before you need to change them. And you want to make sure you get as much out of them as you can the tire shops we spoke with said they don't see any relief in sight from these prices for a few years.

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

buying all the tires they can get," Whitehead said.

sit well with Mike Simons, who has a Nike Dunk Valentines Day 30 minute commute to work every day.

That coupled with the high prices of Nike Blazer Vintage

"We're doing business with nine different tire companies now, but we have to have all these different tire companies to make sure our customers have tires," Whitehead said.

This is a thought that doesn't Nike Dunk Multicolor

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Jim Whitehead of Whitehead Tire and Auto said more demand for rubber is driving up the price of tires.

"I'm certainly not thrilled," he said.

Waiting too long can cause a dangerous situation on the road. Whitehead recommends extending the life of your tires by keeping them balanced, aligned and keeping the proper air pressure.

"Now you've got the fact that China and India are going crazy with their growth. They are Nike Dunk Disposable

Buying new tires will cost you even more than before

He's having a tough time keeping his supplies stacked because of the demand overseas.

Whitehead said most tires are $150.

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

Nike Dunk Valentines Day

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