Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

"I see about two patients with lung cancer every week, and it is amazing to me that once they develop the cancer, they quit next day," Surani said.

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

"I'm not a doctor, but, it really helps me, it really saves me money, it saves me health, i don't cough as much as I used Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1 to," said Danon.

Danon says it can work. Problem is, you may only be replacing one addiction with another.

fears starting the 'safer' habit could lead to real cigarettes.

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

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The FDA plans to start regulating e cigarettes by the end of the year. Surani also says long term studies are needed to find Nike Basketball Shoes Low Cut 2015

turkey, the e cigarette could be a good option, so long as they know when to lower the nicotine dose and they stick to a schedule.

"We are creating a new generation of smokers, which we have been barely able to get rid of the older generations of smokers," Surani said.

So, we reached out to Pulmonologist, Dr. Salim Surani, who said his concern is the younger generation impacted by the e cigarette.

From a distance you may see what looks like a guy is smoking a cigarette in the mall. He's not, he's smoking water vapor from this e cigarette that he sells.

"If you are not smoking, I would say do not touch it," said Surani, "if you are a smoker, and you want to transition into not smoking, it may be a mode of transition."

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

out just how 'safe' the safer smoke is.

The e cigarette is not regulated by the fda, so, surani fears we may not know how much nicotine is in the cartridges.

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

"Electronic cigarettes give you the same sensation like regular cigarettes, give you the same stimulation which is nicotine, give you the hand to mouth habit, but it doesn't have all the side effects cigarettes does," said Safe Smoke Vendor Ben Danon.

He says the e cigarette still has nicotine and that's the habit that's hardest to break. He helps new patients quit smoking each week, unfortunately, at that point, for some, they're facing one of two options, quit or die.

"Most of our customers do come back or bring their friends," said Danon.

Surani says for long term smokers who don't have the motivation to quit cold Nike Womens Basketball Shoes Hyperdunk 2017

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

It's true, the e cigarette does not have the 4000 plus carcinogens found in regular cigarettes, but, there's also no long term study to determine just how safe it is.

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

´╗┐But Are They Safe

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

Nike Dunk Vs Jordan 1

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