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CEBU, Philippines (CNN) Tons of food from around the world have arrived in the Philippines, but the hundreds of thousands homeless and hungry after Typhoon Haiyan decimated part Nike Foamposite For Sale

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need food; we need to eat! a crowd gathered and chanted, after a cargo plane full of food opened its loading bay in Guiuan Tuesday.

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

sanitation systems have been destroyed and children are of course the most vulnerable to cholera, which is a common occurrence after these kinds of disasters, De Bono said.

About half of the displaced have crowded into evacuation centers. There are hundreds of thousands left without homes, and aid organizations are struggling to get roofs over their heads.

USS George Washington battle group ordered to Philippines for typhoon relief

Bodies of storm victims still lie in the debris, or out in the open. The government has not been able to count all of them yet, but fears of an exponentially higher death toll have subsided.

don think that anyone fault. I think it the geography and the devastation, he said.

The slowness of food and basic medical aid delivery is the biggest threat to lives, Gupta said.

of the country have yet to get a bite of it.

Bodies decomposing in the sun commonly raise fears that they could contribute to the spread of disease. But that usually not the case, said CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Help is long overdue, storm survivor John Wynn told Anderson Cooper. need help now, not in a few days or in a few hours. Guiuan, anticipation and desperation spread across the faces of residents as they watched troops unload bags of rice and boxes of bottled water from the C 130 cargo plane.

The World Health Organization agrees with Gupta that illnesses are a secondary concern. is not a big fear, said spokeswoman Julie Hall. Clean food and water take Nike Blazer Black White

The level of desolation Haiyan left behind in a country that is used to sitting out a barrage of typhoons every year took aid organizations off guard, De Bono said.

´╗┐but typhoon survivors still going hungry

He hopes to see aid delivery leap forward Wednesday. Many air strips have been cleared in devastated areas, and one flight after another lands carrying basic food.

are people there right now who can be saved. And it could be as simple as antibiotics that cost a penny. social media, a government spokeswoman asked for donations of vaccines and antibiotics.

Clearing roads and runways has taken a long time, UNICEF spokesman Christopher De Bono said.

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

The World Food Programme has delivered at least 2,700 tons of rice to the country, but the logistical nightmare of traveling to the many islands ripped to pieces by one of the strongest storms in recorded history has it arriving in drips and drabs.

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

Many of them have been drinking filthy water to survive. And that could endanger their health, since the storm has strewn sewage into the water supply.

The town of 50,000 was wiped off the map by the storm Friday.

was quite able to anticipate it. of hope

Haiyan made its first landfall there. The storm left at least 2,275 people dead and injured 3,665 more, according to the Philippine disaster agency.

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The first food deliveries in Guiuan and in Tacloban, the city hit hardest by the typhoon, represent a glimmer of hope at least to aid workers. It an initial sign of success after days of frustration.

But CNN crews on the ground have seen no sign yet of an organized cleanup or recovery operation in the most desperate areas.

understand that that not a glimmer of hope for people on the ground, who are still waiting for assistance, De Bono said.

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priority, as well as shelter from the elements.

bringing in 20,000 shelter kits, hygiene kits, USAID spokesman Ben Hemingway said. Those shelter kits are sheets of plastic that survivors can hang up over their heads, he explained.

have 3k flu vaccines already. Meds needed: tetanus toxoid, doxycycline, cloxacillin, Lucille Sering posted to Twitter.

a pure health threat standpoint, there are bigger threats, he said. People need clean Nike Foamposite Anniversary food and water.

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

from Philippines, the UN food program announced Wednesday. food distributions underway in Tacloban this morning. Rice provided to 3,000 people. a start. But more than 2 million people need food aid, the Philippine government has said.

Nike Foamposite Anniversary

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