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Nike Foamposite Blue And White

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Nike Foamposite Blue And White

So they loaded Nike Foamposite Blue And White up the truck and moved to Beverly.

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

I use a calculation of "20 percent" because when I asked an eclectic mix of six people different ethnicities, different age brackets, different eco politico socio backgrounds only one of the six was even remotely close to identifying the "real" Rupert Murdoch.

Regarding the other five, responses ranged from "UFC fighter" to "that old rich man (Donald Sterling) who owns the Los Angeles Clippers" to "I don't know."

Putting things in perspective, $25 50 million was a heap of money back in the early '60s early '70s. On one episode, Jed tells banker Drysdale that he/Jed wants to see and count his/Jed's money. Banker Drysdale, of course, attempts to explain to Jed that such a count is impossible, due to limited hard cash on hand, a variety of investments etc. Jed is somewhat suspicious and upset when Drysdale can't produce Jed's money on the spot.

How many readers are familiar with the name Rupert Murdoch? I'll guess less than 20 percent.

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

With a somewhat quizzical expression, one young fellow, however, did comment: "Ain't Nike Basketball Shoes 2014 Hyperfuse

Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars" (lyrics to theme song for "The Beverly Hillbillies" TV show).

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

Rupert Murdoch "rarely likes to be outdone, and his 80 billion dollar bid for Time Warner could trigger a new round of media mergers. . . . Time Warner has been the ultimate liberal establishment East Coast and Hollywood power bastion. Murdoch has been the insurgent, seeking not only to take power from the establishment but also to challenge its liberal bias.

Jed entrusts his newly found fortune with Milburn Drysdale, the greedy Beverly Hills banker who has no scruples in doing whatever necessary to keep Jed clan happy and living in Beverly Hills, thus keeping Jed's millions in Drysdale's Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills.

Now worth somewhere between 25 and 50 million dollars (depending on the episode), Jed moves his backwoods, non educated family from the rugged mountains to lavish, movie star studded Beverly Hills, California. (NOTE: (There is ongoing speculation concerning from whence Jed and his family originally hailed: Missouri? Arkansas? Tennessee?)

Kudos to Rupert Murdoch for being the ambitious tycoon he is. And though this might sound a bit cornfed, like Jed Clampett, I'd like to see the banker count out a few million in "hard cash" before someone offers "billions" to buy out a business.

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

"The eerie lack of protest last week to news that Murdoch had bid for Time Warner, from both his target and the greater media world no yowls about Murdoch the defiler or Murdoch the right wing monster out to amass more power suggests he has won. Or that Time Warner has given up. . . . Murdoch, in the shadow of Time Warner and ever envious of it, built his own media company, combining print, movie studio and TV Nike Mag Run

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

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network" (reference: July 21, 2014 edition of "USA Today", section B, pages 1 2). "Texas Tea," spews upward.

Said, 'Californy is the place you ought to be.'

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

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the NBAView All

You must admit, billion dollar buyouts does cause one to question the "true state" of our world economy.(?)

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

´╗┐Calling for Banker Drysdale

"Keith" Rupert Murdoch, 83, hails from Australia and is a business tycoon of the highest order, more like a "world class corporation on two legs," to use an original quote.

he the guy who's all over the news, and has something to do with CNN and Fox?"

Kinfolk said, 'Jed move away from there.'

"Well the first thing you know ol' Jed's a millionaire.

My point is: Offering "billions" to buy out a major corporation is commonplace these days . . . far too "common" for my comfort! One is forced to ask: Is there adequate "security" to back such monetary transactions?

Nike Foamposite Blue And White

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