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myColby allows the creation of campus groups which provide a club or organization the opportunity to have an area within the portal where they can post announcements, news, display a calendar of events, have Nike Foamposite Images a bulletin board, forum or chat for their members and others.

The page will reload with a confirmation that your application has been sent to the Campus Groups administrator. You will be notified when your application has been accepted or denied.

Complete the following fields:

Group portlet, where visitors can click a button to join the group. NOTE: Content must be separately maintained on both the public and main pages.

Maximum of Members If you wish to limit the number of members Foamposite Gucci

Membership Enrollment There are four options for group membership: Open, no application required; Open by membership application; Membership by invitation only; or Closed to new members.

Nike Foamposite Images

Nike Foamposite Images

Reason for the Group Why do you want to create this group? This is used by the Campus Groups administrator when reviewing your application.

Nike Foamposite Images

Nike Foamposite Images

All campus groups must be approved by the Campus Groups administrator, in ITS. Currently, approvals will be granted for official Colby clubs, organizations,academic or administrative departments. The request for a new group can be made on the Campus Life tab, in the Campus Groups portlet, or on the My Pages tab, in the My Groups portlet.

Description Enter text to describe your group Foamposite Icy Sole

Group Availability Do you want this group to be Public or Private? If you choose Private, your group will not appear in the list of campus groups in the Campus Group Directory.

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At this time, group request approvals will be granted to official Colby clubs and organizations andacademic or administrative departments.

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Nike Foamposite Images

Nike Foamposite Images

A campus group needs to be requested, and if approved, the requester will become theleader of the group. A group can be public (listed in the Campus Groups Directory) or private (not listed in the groups directory). There are a number of enrollment options for members: open (no application required), open by membership application, membership by invitation only, or closed to new members. There is an option to limit the number of members.

´╗┐Campus Groups

Click on theSubmit Application button at the bottom of the page.

Click on the Create New Campus Group link at the bottom of the portlet (to the right of the Browse Groups link) to open the New Group Application.

Nike Foamposite Images

Nike Foamposite Images

Group Name Enter the name of your group (100 characters max). This will appear in the list of groups and at the top of the main page for your group.

Group memberships are also displayed on My Pages, in the My Groups portlet and on the main page of the Campus Life tab, in the Campus Groups portlet. In both these locations, you may manage your group memberships by dropping a group, browsinga list of public groups or requesting a new group.

Authenticated users who are members of a group, will see a My Groups link in the Quick Links section on the left side of the page. Clicking on the or My Groups will display a list of group links for the any groups of which you are a member. Clicking on the name of a group will bring you to the main page for the group.

to users who want to find out more about your group.

All groups have a Public Page, which is viewed by people who are not members of the group, and a Main Page, for members. Both have similar portlets, but the Public Page also has a Join Foamposite Year Of The Horse

in your group, enter that number here. If this field is left blank, there is no limit to the number of members who can join your group.

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