Nike Foamposite Neon Green

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

The exhibit is geared towards families with children ages 4 12 and will run through Oct. 13.

Dan Darsow of Nowthen, Minn., was visiting with his wife and two sons, ages 2 and 3.

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

"There is no other place in the world that I'm aware of where you can meet an eight foot sloth, " Robb noted.

snow and blue walls, floors, and games. "Pop a possum" is one of those games. It is one of the most popular in the exhibit, and is similar to the amusement park game "Whac A Mole." The most popular rooms, however, are the final two.

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

The second room of the new exhibit is aptly named "Camp Carnival." The room surrounds its guests with wintry spruce trees draped with Nike Dunk Retro Qs On Feet

"(Scrat's Snowfall Screenings) and meeting Sid (the Sloth) seem to be the top two comments from guests that they've definitely enjoyed," says Kerri Robb, director of project management for Global Experience Specialists. GES, along with 20th Century Fox, collaborated to create Camp Ice Age, the inspiration of which was the most recent "Ice Age" film, "Continental Drift."

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

´╗┐Camp Ice Age welcomes guest all summer long

photographed in front of a fittingly icy background. Guests are then ushered from room to room, each featuring different arctic themed activities.

The attraction is based on the "Ice Age" movie series. Upon entering Camp Ice Age, one Nike Foamposite Neon Green is immediately greeted by a "camp counselor" and Nike Blue Chip Womens Basketball Shoes

Scrat's Snowfall Screenings is a room full of bean bags, providing families with an opportunity to sit and relax in contrast to the potentially chaotic activities of the previous rooms and Nike Foamposite Asteroids

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

watch a nearly seven minute short film, which will soon be extended. The short features Scrat, the furry squirrel present in every "Ice Age" movie.

"I saw it online, and we were interested in coming for Toddler Tuesday. It's fun to see," Darsow said.

When asked about his favorite part, Dan's 3 year old son Owen held up his stuffed woolly mammoth purchased at the Camp Ice Age gift shop wordlessly, then added after a moment, "Sid!"

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

Forget summer, Mall of America's new attraction harkens back to scenes reminiscent of the wintery grip Mother Nature had on Minnesota this spring.

Mall of America is Camp Ice Age's premiere location. As a temporary exhibit, it will move on to other malls. "These types of touring attractions come to cities for a certain amount of time," Robb explained. "Everyone in the area will come see it when it comes out, just like a movie in a movie theater, and then we like to move on to other areas of the country."

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

The exhibit is not a day care or a camp, despite its name. Parents often end up playing with their kids at the exhibit, instead of merely watching.

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

The final room has Sid the Sloth, ready to greet visitors and pose for photograph with families.

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

Nike Foamposite Neon Green

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