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Russian leader and dangerously like another French word, slang for a practitioner of the world's oldest profession. "Poo teen" or "poutsin," as those in the know would have it, translates literally as "a mess" or "pudding."

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´╗┐Canadian Mess Is So Good

The closest equivalent for Americans comes in the form of string cheese, a snacking style of mozzarella.

Apparently there's a New York version, a pale imitation that goes by the name "disco fries," but they're more like potato nachos, being fries topped with beef gravy and shredded cheese.

On a recent visit to Dallas, glancing over the menu at a kosher deli, Cafe Fino, where several Italian dishes shared space on the billboard with more typical deli fare, my eye fell on another unlikely combo french fries with cheese and gravy. Could it be? "Yes, it's the only poutine in the state of Texas," asserted the owner. location and provided a steady stream of homesick clients.

Cover the fries with cheese, then gravy, then Tabasco. Serve in a Styrofoam bowl and eat hot.

If the answer's Quebec, try it, and perhaps poutine will become an adopted staple. It wouldn't be exactly revolutionary, but it would make for a change in tantalizingly good what's bad for you food.

In the case of the deliciously gross mess the Canadians' answer to native Americans' pemmican, a high fat and super caloric mixture used for fending off winter's brutal cold there are several reasons for its location specific nature. One is that the fresh cheese curds required to make authentic poutine are only available where there are cheese factories. Curds are fresh cheese before it's pressed and aged and must be eaten within hours to retain their full flavor and texture. In Quebec the cheese curds are sold in stores as snacks by themselves, which is how this whole mess supposedly began.

Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2017

Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2017

Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2017

Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2017

None of that really matters as long as the cheese curds are fresh. So fresh, in fact, that they should squeak between the teeth of the consumer in order to produce the desired texture.

you, too, but it is the most distinctively local dish of this multicultural, bilingual city and province.

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While some dress it up with pepper sauces and sausage, with rendered duck skin, foie gras and goat cheese, in accordance with the region's gourmet reputation, the basic dish thrives as a fast food staple. It's so much a part of the culture in eastern Canada that it's now on the menu at the likes of Nike Foamposite Zipper

So, perhaps there are others who've made it across the border and are offering a fair approximation of what some aficionados have dubbed "heart attack in a bowl" or the "holy trinity" of snack food?

In Quebec, though and in Montreal in particular, a city that prides itself not only on the quantity of its restaurants (second only in number per capita in North America to New York City) but their quality it describes a native specialty that one Canadian celebrity has publicly likened to snot.

The ideal poutine, as extracted from several Canadian sources is the following: French fries made from 5 to 6 medium sized Prince Edward Island potatoes (the northern answer to Idaho potatoes), peeled and sliced into thick Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2017 fries, or frozen from McClain's; fresh cheese curds from Fromage Beauceronne or 12/3 cups mozzarella cheese; 2 cups chicken gravy, "french fries sauce" mix or "poutine" mix (avoiding all cream based and mushroom sauces); and 1 or 2 drops Tabasco.

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And if you should find the disgustingly delicious treat masquerading at a local restaurant under simply its ingredient list, be sure to ask the chef or owner where he or she is from.

The dish consists of potato fries bathed in fresh white Cheddar cheese curds and doused in hot chicken gravy. Yup, it's a glorious mess, and it happens to be bad for Nike Basketball Shoes 2017 Jordan

Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2017

It was the best of foods; it was the worst of foods. With apologies to Charles Dickens and his "A Tale of Two Cities," poutine is that food. Its pronunciation sounds somewhat like the name of the Nike Blazer Mid Womens

January 18, 2006By PRUE SALASKY Daily Press

Like any storied food, there are a couple of competing versions. Most credit Ferdinand Lachance from rural Warwick, who, back in 1957, apparently told a client of his charmingly named restaurant, Le Lutin qui Rit (The Laughing Goblin), who ordered fries and ketchup with his cheese curds, that the combination would make "a hell of a mess," or a poutine. The gravy came later. A rival restaurateur, Jean Paul Roy of Drummondville, who some dismiss as a shameless copycat, claims to have come up with the dish years later in 1964.

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McDonald's, A and Burger King. Another chain that spans both sides of the border, New York Fries, carries it too. The west of Canada celebrates the fabulously fatty conglomeration in an annual festival, Festival du Bois in Maillardville, British Columbia, to be held this year on March 4 and 5.

Canadian Mess Is So Good, But So Bad For YouMixed Grill

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While easy to mimic, poutine can never be quite the same outside its natural habitat. If you doubt that, think about the Chesapeake Bay blue crab or an authentic Smithfield ham or a Virginia peanut out of its element and without its local companions.

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