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The situation appeared more dire for non white cancer survivors. Hispanic cancer survivors, for instance, were twice as likely as their white peers to forgo prescription drugs because of cost. African Americans were 87 percent more likely than whites to do that.

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In fact, Weaver said, cancer survivors younger than 65 were almost twice as likely to go without needed health care as were people that age who'd never had cancer.

Because of this, the analysis not only reflected behavior related to seeking care for cancer concerns, but also attempts to get medical attention for such issues as obtaining prescription medications and accessing dental and mental health care.

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The cancer institute researchers were expected to present their findings this week at the American Association for Cancer Research conference on the Science of Health Care Disparities in Carefree, Ariz.

From the survey, Weaver and her associates focused on the health care seeking behavior of 6,602 adult cancer survivors and more than 104,000 men and women with no history of cancer.

Such racial disparities were not exclusive to cancer patients, the researchers noted, although health care patterns were not always the same for the general population as among cancer patients.

with non melanoma skin cancer were excluded.

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By Alan MozesWEDNESDAY, Feb. 4 (HealthDay News) Unmanageable health care costs are forcing millions of insured and uninsured cancer survivors in the United States to go without the medical attention they need, a new analysis reveals.

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The pool of cancer survivors included people with relatively recent diagnoses as well as those diagnosed a decade or more ago. In fact, nearly 60 percent of the participants were more than five years out from their initial diagnosis.

in productivity that comes with taking time off from work and transportation costs to get back and forth to care."

In addition, race did not appear to play a role among cancer patients older than 65 perhaps because access to Medicare leveled the playing field.

The cited figure of 2 million makes up almost 17 percent of the estimated 12 million Americans currently living often for many years with a cancer diagnosis. Center for Disease Control and Prevention's annual "National Health Interview Survey" of 30,000 to 40,000 American households.

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Nike Mag Inspired Sneakers

Nike Mag Inspired Sneakers

Weaver and her team found that almost 8 percent of the cancer survivors chose to go without general medical care because of its cost. For the same reason, nearly 10 percent did without needed prescriptions, more than 11 percent went without dental care, and nearly 3 percent failed to address mental health needs.

"Certainly, having access to health insurance is better than not, because, unsurprisingly, you're much more likely to forego care if you have no access," Weaver said. "But clinicians need to be aware that a relatively substantial proportion of survivors including those with insurance are not getting the care they need because of cost and try to identify sources of care that are available for their patients at a lower fee."

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Nike Mag Inspired Sneakers

´╗┐Cancer Survivors Say Costs Keep Them From Care

Almost 65 percent of the survivors were women, almost 5 percent were Hispanic and just over 6 percent were black. Roughly half (52 percent) were older than 65 and had access to Medicare insurance. Only people Nike Heels Nz

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"And the majority of these patients do have some kind of insurance coverage," she noted. "So this is typically about the burden of deductibles for health insurance plans, co pays that can be thousands and thousands of dollars a year, the loss Foamposite Dark Neon Royal

that approximately 2 million cancer survivors do not get the medical care that they need because of concerns about cost," said Kathryn E.

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Costs drove dental care to the wayside 2.3 times more often among Hispanic cancer patients than among white Nike Mag Inspired Sneakers patients and 57 percent more often among African American patients.

What's more, the study indicates that Hispanic and African American cancer survivors are twice as likely as white survivors to forgo crucial care because of financial impediments.

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