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the Texas A Health Science Center College of Medicine. "When you're on the cell phone, it appears as though the process of talking with the cell phone may have an impact on one's attention and ability to visualize what's going on in the environment, because you are focused in on an abstract concept called the telephone."

That's not to say that the proverbial "back seat driver" is necessarily a good thing.

Participants were presented with three scenarios: driver talking on a hands free cell phone, driver talking with a passenger, or no conversation at all.

Drivers were told to exit the "highway" at a rest area about eight miles from where they started. Partners were also told of the instruction.

"The central piece here is the idea of shared attention," Drews added.

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Also, if you notice you're talking to someone on a cell phone while they're driving, politely end the conversation.

"You are also responsible for this person's safety," said Drews.

By Amanda GardnerTUESDAY, Dec. 2 (HealthDay News) Drivers talking on a cell phone are more distracted and more prone to error than if they were speaking with a friend sitting next to them in the car, a new report finds.

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´╗┐Car Cell Phone Use More Hazardous Than Chat With Passengers

Ultimately, it's the driver who has prime responsibility, however. Talking on a cell phone, "your mind is some place else and not on the road," Colenda said. "When in a car, you're more concerned with the conversation than with the environmental surroundings."

Half of the drivers talking on cell phones missed the exit. In contrast, only three of 24 drivers missed the exit when talking with another person sitting next to them.

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Studies on the dangers of driving while talking on the cell phone abound, but there has been little on talking to a person in a vehicle.

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"Probably what you need is someone who is engaged at a medium level," Drews said, not someone who is hyper engaged, pointing out your every error.

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"We had a hard time convincing them that they just didn't perceive [the exit]," he continued. "This is consistent with previous work which showed 'inattention blindness,' a 50 percent impairment of processing visual stimuli" when conversing on a cell phone, Drews said.

"The public and, to a lesser extent, the research community has had this question for some time: What's the difference between talking on a cell phone and talking to a passenger?" said Robert D. Foss, director of the Center for the Study of Young Drivers at the Highway Safety Research Center, at the University of North Carolina. "Conceptually, it's clear there's somebody else in the car, who sees what's going on. This documents with evidence how that plays out."

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"You get very supportive behavior that shows not only in gestures but in switching the conversation Nike Mag 2017 Elite Black Gold

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. . . to what is happening in the driving environment," he said.

The conversations were intentionally "naturalistic," with participants phoning people who knew them outside of the context of the study, Drews said.

just blew by the exit," Drews said. "The phenomenon here is Nike Mag Low Top you talk on the cell phone, realize once you hang up, 'I'm not here.'"

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"The issue with cell phones is a concept called attention," said Dr. Christopher Colenda, the Jean and Thomas McMullin Dean of Nike Mag Air Huarache

Another expert agreed, adding that the new data was necessary and important.

The message: Talk to a real person, not on the cell phone, while you're steering and shifting.

This study, published in the December issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, involved 41 men and women ranging in age from 18 to 26. Each participant was paired with a friend (not a research assistant) and asked to navigate a 24 mile multi lane stretch of highway with "real" highway conditions represented on a simulator. Participants were asked to talk about a close call situation they had experienced.

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