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"It is a good feature and, as the city council are making malls, arcades and car parks, this could be made into a wonderful walkway.''

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It was sold to Derby City Council for in 1985 by British Rail, who had been trying to sell the grade two listed building for seven years.

Resident Jill Brownsword said she felt very passionate about the bridge.

Mrs Coons, 54, who lives in the New Zealand area, said more than a dozen people had shown an interest in setting up a committee and would help research the bridge and find ways of trying to restore it.

we must preserve what is left of our once great city. we had once had a city with beauty

"The council has installed security measures in the form of netting which acts both to protect passing pedestrians and vehicles and to help retain the original features of the historic bridge Nike Dunk Lux Undftd

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"The council is looking to establish a schedule of repair works and costings, as well as looking into the possible uses of the bridge.

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"We understand that these are hard economical times and we are not expecting the council to have the money, but something needs to be done. We could find other ways of funding it this could be through the National Lottery."

of monstrosity proportion instead of a city of beautiful structures we our left with something that is more reminiscent a great block of concrete not a site to in spire but one that repulses the viewer

Reminds me of joining a similar group in the early '70's (1974?) with car stickers 'Friar Gate Bridge save me!' which related to the inner ring road aspirations and whether or not the bridge would be used.

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´╗┐Campaigners bid to save Derby's historic Friar Gate Bridge

"We will be working with the developers of both Friar Gate goods yard and Friar Gate Square, alongside other partners including English Heritage to progress this scheme.

Councillor Paul Bayliss, leader of the city council, said: "The plans for the second phase of development at Friar Gate Square include a pedestrian link to the bridge from Agard Street.

In 1982, British Rail considered demolishing the bridge if the city council would not buy it. In 2007, an online petition was launched to get it maintained.

Protest groups lobbied councillors who in 1973 said the bridge must be replaced.

She said: "We have a little monthly magazine called the New Zealand Community Times and we have a section called Down Memory Lane.

we had architecture that was wonderful to se our city has been mismanaged in the name of progress those that believe in a vision of the future, they have given us a vision Nike Jordan Basketball Shoes 2017

Derby City Council have a legal obligation to preserve listed historic buildings and monuments in the city. Unfortunately, the attitude is let them run down then we can demolish them as no longer viable. Only hope here is for a local engineering firm. specialist firm to step in, carry out the repairs and decorate it and be allowed to display the fact they have done so. Perhaps one of our many railway engineering companies could do it for the city preserving heritage?

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The bridge was built in 1876 by Andrew Handyside Co Ltd, who manufactured London King's Cross railway footbridge.

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the friar gate bridge must be saved at all costs. we have lost to much of our history

I actually helped create the large sheets which were draped over the sides of the bridge on a late Friday evening and covered by the DET's front page headlines on Saturday.

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Yes its a real shame that absolutely nothing has been done to restore the bridge yet. There is so much of Handyside's work still out there around the globe and its all being maintained and restored. I'm getting lots of people from South America contacting me about fountains that are being renovated and I have to tell them that we have a very ornate bridge here in the city where it was all made but we are letting it rot, Very embarrassing !

Obviously the bridge was saved, repainted and here we are nearly 30 years later good luck with your campaign obviously a use for the bridge might help secure funding.

Maxwell Craven, Derby Civic Society vice president, said: "The railway closed in 1967. Everybody would like to see the bridge restored."

The 68 year old, of New Zealand, said: "It has been left in a Nike Mag Replica Ebay sad state of repair by Derby City Council but what they fail to realise is that it is a part of our heritage.

The meeting is at the Lonny Wilsoncroft Community Centre, in Stepping Lane at 7pm.

"Andrew Handyside was an engineer whose work can be seen all over the world and we, as a city, should recognise this and preserve it. He was a local man, so we should keep the bridge in situ.

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