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"I was really amazed to wake up. I woke in the rescue squad, and I saw the white lights over head, and I thought, 'Geez, maybe these are those white lights people are talking about.' And then they got the three EMT guys there and they, they don't quite look like angels, so maybe I'm still Foamposite Northern Lights On Feet

The EMTs had revived him. And incredibly, he came through Foamposite Pro Qs

here," Gloede said.

"I thought he was dead to be honest with you," neighbor Bob Welch said.

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Nike Mag Sale Replica

almost without a scratch.

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Nike Mag Sale Replica

the water and mud out of the gas tanks," Louis Gloede said.

´╗┐Caledonia man trapped under riding mower lives to talk about it

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"It went end over end, and I'm in here, and these things got bent way Nike Mag Sale Replica back, and I was pinned, so I was caught with these and then my leg got caught in here," Gloede said.

"I couldn't breathe. I really couldn't breathe That all I remember was, 'Son of a gun, I think I bought it,'" Gloede said.

Gloede and his friends credit another neighbor, John, who was the first to the rescue scene and held Gloede's head out of the water, and also the Calendonia first responders who, they all said, were tremendous. But they also think there may have been something else going on.

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"I drained Nike Blazer Mid Premium Se

Gloede thought so, too.

"I went outside and I saw he was yelling for help," neighbor Joan Schacht said.

Gloede was in his Caledonia workshop Tuesday afternoon trying to save his riding mower just three days after an incident on that same mower almost killed him.

When the mower flipped, it slid into this man made pond trapping Gloede under 4 feet of water.

Neighbors rushed to his rescue, and along with emergency responders, pulled him from the pond after 10 minutes, unconscious and not breathing.

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"He wasn't moving. I thought, 'I hope they can bring him back,'" Schacht said.

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