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"The first show is for the primary and they just love the puppets. They get the idea that Sophie is bald and that she lost her hair. Some of them laugh, but then they come to realize they don't want to laugh at anyone that lost their hair," says director Julie Ready.

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"We try to make it light. Even though it's a serious topic, we try to make it that everybody can cope as long as you have your friends and people who love you and support you. I think that's a very important message," says Cline.

Sophie, the main puppet, has leukemia. She's returning Nike Mag Tennis Shoes

to school after having several chemotherapy treatments that leave her with no hair. She teaches her Nike Shoes Basketball best friend Natalie about cancer. Matt, who has a best friend named Jack, also has cancer. His leg was amputated because of it.

´╗┐Camp Quality puppet show works to give children

"The second show is for a little older students so as you can see it's a little bit more of a mature theme in there," adds Ready. "It's all about being upbeat and positive and not being shy because often times we don't know what to say, do we? Often times we say nothing, and by saying nothing, we might leave a bad impression with that person thinking we're not being friendly when really we feel insecure ourselves."

"One of my friends died from cancer a few years ago. She was 14," says Benjamin Desanghere, a 10 year old student at Pope John Paul II School. "She died on my birthday the exact day."

Nike Shoes Basketball

Camp Quality Canada puppet show at his school Thursday morning. Camp Quality Canada is a non profit organization working to assist children with cancer. Its puppet program works towards showing kids how to help children living with cancer feel comfortable at school.

Nike Shoes Basketball

Nike Shoes Basketball

Volunteers, donations, and fundraising efforts make it possible for the camp to provide programs to children living with cancer. The year long camp is open to children between 3 and 17 years of age, free of charge, and run by a volunteer team of medical staff, cooks, lifeguards, program coordinators, and 24 hour companions who each mentor a child for a full day.

Nike Shoes Basketball

They made a visit to St. Louis School Thursday afternoon. The camp regularly puts on two shows a month for students across Northwestern Ontario free of charge to the schools.

Nike Shoes Basketball

Benjamin is one of the students from Pope John Paul II School and cole Ste Marguerite Bourgeoys that Nike Heels For Women

Ready and Cline are joined in the cast by Thunderbay's Beta Sigma Phi sisters Nora Brown, Heather Sponchia, Bev Gothard, Judy Frasca, Millie Konderka and assistant director Maureen Stirrett.

Nike Shoes Basketball

Benjamin says he didn't know why.

Nike Shoes Basketball

The Canadian Cancer Society released the Canadian Cancer Statistics 2008 in April 2008, which said 850 children between birth and 14 years of age develop cancer every year, and about 135 die. Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in Canadian children one month of age and older, and the second leading cause overall.

Nike Shoes Basketball

Nike Shoes Basketball

The show is made up of three acts, followed by a song, and then a question answer period led by Ready and puppeteer Marlene Cline.

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Nike Shoes Basketball

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