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But also look beyond the usual suspects, look to the sole traders, to the entrepreneurs and small to medium sized enterprises that are already shaping our city of the future.

But, and this is important, there was a desire, a hunger even, to use this success as a platform for greater ambition.

The story is a good one and we should be proud of what we have achieved. However, the job is not done.

are now getting a taste for change. The more we get, the more we want.

I don't do resolutions as such but am always keen to use the arrival of each year to refresh perspective and, if necessary, attach a Nike Basketball Shoes 2015 High Cut

You will see this in the arena and velodrome on Pride Park, the University of Derby's Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering, or the massive Infinity Park Derby development.

In truth, when the regeneration plan was launched in 2005, Derby was far behind the curve. Our journey to date has been one of catch up.

Lifting the corporate head above the daily grind of key performance indicators and cashflow, high into the clouds, can be a quite cathartic experience. With distance comes the headroom to think.

The challenge facing Derby is not to create wealth but to keep it. That's the rationale underpinning the city's regeneration strategy which, over the past few years, has attracted billion of investment, creating more than 7,500 new jobs.

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

In preparing for the Marketing Derby Annual Business Event last week, I was able to take a step back and reflect on the progress of both the organisation and the wider city.

What struck me is seeing how far, as an organisation and a city, we have travelled. However, I also feel we still have far to go.

What is different is our city now has a confidence, based on the experience of winning and losing investments, to, dare to dream, as the chairman of Geldards, David Williams, so eloquently put it.

vibe at last week's event was to celebrate and be proud of what we have achieved. We'd be mad not to.

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

renewed purpose, theme or focus to work.

Watch out for expressions of this new energy during 2014.

The economic fundamentals of Derby's economy are sound, robust even. We host a vibrant, wealth creating business community, not just in the multi national original Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd equipment manufacturers such as Bombardier, Rolls Royce and Toyota, but also in the myriad of small to medium sized enterprises in technology, services, software, creative and other sectors.

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

´╗┐but there's still plenty of unfinished business

Our economy is as good as anywhere in the UK. Derby commands the highest salaries outside London because our employers are talent thirsty.

Yes, the Nike Blazer Studio Qs

Derby's regeneration is unfinished business and I sense that we Foamposite Prm

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

It's my job to look very carefully at other cities, both in the UK and abroad and, believe me, once complacency sets into a city's civic and business leadership, once they believe they are "it", that's when the rot sets in. This will not happen in Derby.

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

I believe that phase is now done we can look any city in the eye as an equal. Thankfully though, nobody is getting complacent.

Nike Shoes Basketball 2015 Kd

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