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You get nothing for nothing Don't let the smokescreen of 'charity work' fool you The reason folks join Freemasons is for competitive advantage to increase business opportunities etc. That is fine in private business but NOT when the individuals are supposed to be representing the interests of the public politicians and bureaucrats.

declaration is corrosive to the trust in public office."

´╗┐Candidate for force's top job sparks debate on Freemasons

Hence I repeat again that it not be a party political election process!

ONE of the prospective candidates hoping to be voted in as the county's first police and crime commissioner has called on his rivals to declare if they are Freemasons.

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None of the alleged candidates meet any of my suggested criteria, especially 'Jack of all Trades' David Gale who, despite his public LinkedIn CV, won't clarify why he left the police.

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Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

Mr Hutton also declared that he was not a member of the Freemasons.

"Not making Nike Shoes For Men Basketball such an early declaration would create a distraction for the process for the electorate."

"The commissioner must be absolutely open and transparent in his/her work and that cannot be the case if he is a member of a secret society that by definition bans 50% of the population from membership because of their gender.

Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

"I am aware that Freemasonry in the British police has been controversial in the past. However, I do believe some individuals are looking for something that isn't there."

Mr Lane said he was not a Freemason: "Unlike David Gale, I am concerned about Freemasonry in relation to the police and local politicians. When talking to victims of and witnesses to crime, and where individuals have been dissatisfied or perplexed by the police response, I have heard too often speculation about Freemasonry.

OllyB1 I will repeat the following information, which is also available on about a dozen educational, history and Masonic websites: "it is generally agreed that freemasonry developed from the medieval stonemasons". I would at least expected this to give you a clue. However as you clearly have a problem when faced with such information, it is not worthwhile wasting time trying to explain anything to you.

Service as possible, free from interference from politicians, and lead by someone with some real public service business acumen if there is such a thing.

He said: "If candidates are part of any organisation that has had previous issues and questionable relationships with the police service then they should be declared in the spirit of openness.

Mr Gale said he was not against Freemasonry but made the challenge to rivals for the role as he said he considered failure to make such a declaration to be "corrosive to the trust in public office."

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Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

UKIP's David Gale feels that the four other men who are currently vying for the commissioner role should make their membership of secret societies public to create "a spirit of openness and transparency."

The 'elected' official must be free to use use the resources provided to implement the best Policing Nike Mag Retail Price

Regardless of whether the new Commissioner (as appears to be unavoidable) isn't directly influenced by bowler hats, aprons, staffs, wolf helmets, leather underwear or more importantly party politics, who cares?

Mr Gale, Conservative Simon Spencer, Labour's Alan Charles and independents Rod Hutton and Rob Lane have all expressed a desire to be named as commissioner.

"Do not misinterpret this as me being in any way anti Freemasonry.

"I am aware that its members contribute significantly to our communities but I do feel that a failure to make such a Nike Foamposite Blue And White

I don't care if Freemasonry is as old as time You have to be in it to win it IF YOU ARE NOT IN IT like most of use YOU/WE ARE AT A HUGE DISADVANTAGE when it comes to elections, jobs and other choices made for us by others

He said: "My position is that I feel it incumbent upon those seeking public office to declare such membership in a spirit Nike Foamposite Thermal

Mr Spencer said he was not a Freemason but added: "I don't think membership of such a society is relevant in any way at all to the person who is voted in by the public."

"Any doubts about integrity, accountability and transparency must be removed and I do not consider it acceptable that PCC candidates are Freemasons. Certainly, they must declare membership."

of openness and transparency.

Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

Nike Shoes For Men Basketball

Mr Charles also declared that he has never been a Freemason and he felt declaration was relevant. He said: "Any organisation I am a member of is fully open and transparent. I do feel membership of the secret society of Freemasons is relevant.

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