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"It's in the Chronicle all of the time people moaning and complaining about the council's lawless ways. I've just decided that something needs to be done, someone needs to be fighting back.

Mr Deverell, who runs a chess set business in Frome and campaigns for UKIP, Foamposites

The notion of setting up a website to aid people criminally assaulting people and then getting away with it is frankly absurd. Who ever helped you manipulate the green thumbs for that comment should be equally ashamed of themselves.

The parking space where I am crouched is meant to be a residents permit bay. But has fallen into such a state of disrepair that the bay markings are now totally invisible. It would mean that a visitor parking there without a permit might still get a ticket. But if they did the ticket would be issued illegally by the council and would be over turned on appeal.

Perhaps I should should start a website telling people how to hit selfish parkers around the head with a tyre iron whilst also avoiding the legal consequences?

society becomes intolerant to the point we deny people the ability to do this sort of thing?

You mention selfish parkers with enough spite to actually reference using violence towards them. Yet you expect us to take your views seriously?

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As a car driver myself, day in day out stuck in totally unnecessary queues when one lane is totally blocked by someone "just popping into the shop for a minute", I am extremely pleased that we are rolling out new measures to ensure this doesn't happen. I am less pleased that the law forbids me from knocking them around the head with the tyre iron, but I will obey it nonetheless.

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An interesting item in the national press this week (tho' sadly I've lost the link) about the fact that people who parked legally in car parks, but then overstayed their time, were fined by their local council Nike Mag Self Lacing

He said: "If anyone believes they have been given a ticket unfairly, they may make a challenge. The council considers challenges on a case by case basis using a common sense approach. The process of making a challenge is straightforward and convenient; it can be done online, via email, or Nike Shoes For Men Basketball Low letter.

Parking 'wrongly' is, in most cases in our city, not illegal any more. No crime has been committed by parking in a residents bay for a cheeky bit of shopping on a Friday afternoon. A criminal offence IS committed by the council when they illegally issue tickets that do not confirm with UK law. It falls under Maladministration in public office.

In a year when a Lib Dem minister was sent to prison for perverting the course of justice, A labour MP was arrested and charged with assault, The green MP currently faces criminal charges and a very well known but now deceased Lib Dem was found to be abusing his position to run a disgusting child sex obsession are you seriously going to judge a whole political party on the old fashioned terminology used by a now former UKIP MEP?

You need to understand a few things.

I can confirm that the photo was taken outside the book shop just a few meters away from Margaret Buildings. There was no photoshop done what so ever, I'm actually that good looking in real life ; )

said many yellow lines and parking bays had been painted wrongly or are so worn they are no longer enforceable. He also believes some traffic wardens fail to recognise legitimate reasons for parking illegally such as loading and unloading.

´╗┐Businessman Julian Deverell is advising people how to challenge parking tickets issued by Bath and North East Somerset Council

Mr Deverall's new website gives a step by step guide on how to fight a parking ticket and provides templates for letters.

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A council spokesman said the best way for motorists to avoid getting parking tickets was to observe restrictions such as yellow lines and residents' parking zones.

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Get a ing grip. People are allowed to drive cars. They are even allowed to park them. Just not anywhere.

It's all so simple on the right isn't it? No point expending unnecessary energy thinking things through to a rational conclusion; far easier just to knee jerk straight to the opinion that anything that inconveniences a car driver must be intentionally "anti car". If the council were actually anti car, why do we still have roads and car parks and traffic lights? Eh? Answer that, right wingers.

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1. Parking enforcement does not only apply to the 'selfish' or 'bad' parkers. It applies to everyone. The disabled, people who are five minutes late coming back to their car, people who park in a residents bay when visiting the doctors by mistake. Just normal people doing normal things. People who need load or unload, or are you suggesting this is somehow anti social? If you live on a busy main road and need to get your piano delivered then some 'inconsiderate' loading is inevitable. Are you seriously suggesting Foamposite Prm

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for 'breach of (parking) contract', whereas travellers who parked up illegally for days were not because in acting illegal they were deemed NOT to have entered into a parking contract!!! Motto when parking in a Bath car park pitch a tent behind your car and claim to be camping, nor parking, so therefore not subject to a penalty under the parking contract.

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"If you have people on a low income they are struggling finding an extra to pay the council is hard for them."

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