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Obama also to meet Monday with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit. On Tuesday, Obama has planned a joint meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun hye, a session preceded by a sitdown with Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the richest emirate in the United Arab Emirates federation.

influence abroad.

a statement to the press. Obama said he and the Dutch leader also discussed trade, climate change, Syria chemical weapons and other issues.

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Retro Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale

Rutte said Russia attempts to annex Crimea are "a flagrant breach" of international law. "The presence of so many international leaders in the Netherlands this week presents an important opportunity for the international community to discuss this subject as well as other pressing issues that affect our common interest," Rutte said, as the two spoke before Rembrandt massive 17th century painting "Night Watch" at the recently renovated Rijksmuseum.

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Retro Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale

Discussion among Obama and his G 7 counterparts will center on economic aid to Ukraine, while at the same time seeking to segregate Putin from the exclusive group, which Russia usually joins in Group of Eight meetings.

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Retro Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale

Tuesday meeting with Japan Abe and South Korea Park comes after what national security adviser Susan Rice conceded was "a period of tension," a reference to Chinese and South Korean anger at recent Abe gestures that have rekindled memories of Japan aggression in World War II. It will be the first meeting between the two Asian leaders since they took office more than a year ago.

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Retro Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale

Retro Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale

In an interview with the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published ahead of his arrival in Monday, Obama says his message to European leaders is that Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to "understand Retro Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale the economic and political consequences of his actions in Ukraine."

had hacked into the servers of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Still, he said he does not view Europe as a battleground between the East and the West. "That the kind of thinking that should have ended with the Cold War," he said. "On the contrary, it important that Ukraine have good relations with the United States, Russia, and Europe."

But, he added: "If Russia continues to escalate the situation, we need to be prepared to impose a greater cost."

Obama remarked that it the most impressive backdrop he ever had for Nike Dunk Sb Low

In the interview, Obama conceded that the sanctions he has threatened against Russian economic sectors could have worldwide impacts.

As he arrived in the Netherlands Monday on a sunny and brisk morning, no issue commanded more of Obama and Europe attention than Russia annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and the fear that Moscow could decide to expand further into Ukraine.

Still, European sanctions against Russia have not matched those announced by Obama. Michael Geary, who has written two books on the European Union, said expectations for concrete action are not high.

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´╗┐but Obama Trip Broadens Outreach

More broadly, the Ukraine crisis will test Obama ability to forge a unified and forceful stance against Russia from European leaders who are alarmed by Putin moves but whose economies are dependent on Russian energy and trade.

China, a frequent Russian ally, abstained a week ago from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution declaring Crimea secession referendum illegal. With Russia vetoing the measure and the 13 other council members voting in favor, China abstention served to isolate Moscow Pink Nike Basketball Shoes Mens

"I suspect that what we will get . is a lot of harsh rhetoric from the G7 and EU but little in the way of deeper, coordinated sanctions," said Geary, a global fellow with the Wilson Center. National Security Agency Nike Foamposite Night Maroon

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