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Jimmie Wiley, Shoes Nike Basketball 2014 director of transportation for the Richmond County Board of Education, said, "We changed the pick up times on all of the routes. This year, we are targeting breakfast times as opposed to the bell time."

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is big for the Richmond County Bard of Education's Transportation Department to keep everyone on the right bus and on time.

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"We had 5,500 calls the very first day," Wiley said.

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Wiley says he hopes the timing and buses run smoother this school year. Magnet school students will have the same protocol as last year. Students in magnet schools will take the bus to a zoned school and then a shuttle to their magnet school.

On the other end of the line is usually someone like Vanessa Ameen, a dispatcher who's worked for the school board for the past 17 years.

drivers short. This year, we have a driver assigned to every bus on the road at present," Wiley said.

Parents who have issues with their kids coming or going on the bus will have to call the transportation department to sort the problem out. You can contact them at (706) 796 4777.

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Last year, the phones were ringing off the hook the very first day.

With more than 150 routes, 200 buses and thousands of students, the task Nike Heels For Women

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"We are doing everything humanely possible not to have delayed buses; it goes back to personnel," Wiley said.

"You may have a situation where a bus may be overcrowded," Wiley said. "Students move all over the county during the summer."

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´╗┐buses take off this week as students go back to school

"We started off last year with three or four Nike Mag Glowing Grey

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"I communicate with the bus drivers and I answer calls when parents call," Ameen said.


Parents who have issues will have to call the transportation department to sort the problem out. You can call them at (706) 796 4777.

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Unfortunately, this means students will have to wake up 20 to 30 minutes earlier to get to their bus stops.

With the county transporting 22,000 students to and from school, the school transportation department is still in the process of training and recruiting more school bus Nike Basketball Shoes Picture

News 12 This Morning / Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

One major concern for some parents is students returning home.

The first week can always make for a bumpy ride.

Last school year, major delays at some Richmond County schools had some parents very upset during the first week of school.

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