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Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

who were less sure about the ability of women to balance careers and family were also less apt to show symptoms of depression than women who thought it was going to be easy to do both, according to the study.

depression included difficult concentrating, feeling lonely, sad or restless, having trouble sleeping or getting going in the morning and feeling unable to shake the blues.

"Women who have a realistic expectation are more likely to choose men who are going to help out around the house," Correll said. "If you choose someone who will be a helpmate to you, that may lead to lower levels of depression."

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Prior research has also shown that despite the challenges, having outside employment is beneficial for a women's mental health, said Shelley Correll, an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University.

When the women were between the ages of 22 and 30, they were asked their opinion of such statements as: "A wife who carries out her full family responsibilities doesn't have time for a job outside the home"; "The employment of wives lead to more juvenile delinquency"; "Women are much happier if they stay at home and take care of their children"; and "It is much better for everyone concerned if the man is the achiever outside the home and the woman takes care of home and family."

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

One reason why researchers found that women who have a realistic attitude about what it takes to balance work and family turn out to be less depressed than women who expect it to be easy: The women who are more pessimistic about work life balance might choose a partner with that in mind, Correll said.

´╗┐Can Raise Risk for Depression

About 65 percent of the mothers of young children and 80 percent of women with children over age 5 are employed, according to 2006 statistics cited in the article.

The responses to the outdated statements were actually intended to ferret out women's attitudes toward work life balance by seeing how seamless they thought it would be to juggle work and family.

By Jenifer GoodwinHowever, working moms who don't cut themselves any slack and have unrealistic expectations about how easy it will be to balance work and family have higher levels of depression than their more laid back counterparts. women who had children at home and were participating in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.

The study is to be presented Saturday at the American Sociological Association annual meeting in Las Vegas. Research presented at medical meetings should be considered preliminary until it has been published in a peer reviewed medical journal.

Then, at age 40, researchers measured their levels of depression.

Though today's Dads do help with housework and child care more than in prior generations, studies show that women whether they're employed or not still do the bulk of those duties.

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Some of the women who think it's not difficult to work and take care of kids may also be buying into the "supermom" complex pressuring themselves to be overachievers in all aspects of life, Leupp said.

women who expect things to be more equal with their partners."

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

"The difficult task of juggling employment and family care falls primarily on women," according to the study. Compared to European women, American women get little in the way of paid time off after childbirth or subsidized child care.

"The findings really point to the mismatch between women's expectations about their ability to balance work and family. "Women who go into employment expecting it to be difficult 'I'm going to have to work full time and do the laundry at night,' but who are accepting of that are less likely to be frustrated than Nike Blazer Mid Suede Vintage

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Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

Overall, women who were employed either full or part time were less likely to be depressed than those who stayed at home. Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes Signs of Nike Dunk Black

Womens White Nike Basketball Shoes

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